Zagging Your Way To Influencer Success In 2020

If you’ve been a follower of Ryan Lee’s information for quite some time then you know that he goes by a few popular names. One of them is “King of Continuity” with the many membership sites he’s run in the past such as,, the Recurring Revenue Report, and Workoutpass to name a few.

Another thing he has been known for is the ability to ZIG while others ZAG and ZAG while others ZIG. In 2020, it will be the year for those in the influencer marketing space to ZAG while others ZIG. Currently, the focus of those in the influencer space is all about QUANTITY. How many followers do you have? People on social media with 100,000 followers are getting some nice checks for endorsing products, but the times are changing. With better metrics being created to ensure that companies are getting the best bang for their buck, the ZAG move is to focus on the quality of your followers and not the quantity.

In fact, Danielle Wiley who is the founder of an influencer marketing agency calls 2020 the year of the NANO, which reminded me of Ryan Lee’s NANOCONTINUITY model that he taught years ago.

This is nothing new to the online marketing world, as we have seen this movie before. Remember the days of build a big list, build a big list, build a big list? Then it was it’s not the size of your list but the quality of your list. This is the same move that is happening in social media.

What does this mean for you?

It means that instead of buying followers, or falling victim to the numbers game, you want to play the quality game and focus on what Danielle Wiley coined as “Fit Over Followers”. That is where you will get the best bang for your buck, bring real results to companies and be able to further your influencer business. So do not forget that it’s the year of NANO coming up, so bigger is not better, the right fit is!

For a list of 4 other trends to look out for when it comes to Influencer Marketing checkout Danielle Wiley’s post on Forbes here.


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