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Put Yourself FIRST!

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Put Yourself FIRST!

Put Yourself FIRST!

As entrepreneurs, we often treat our businesses as the most important thing in our lives.

We get up early, we stay up late, we sacrifice time with family and friends.

We do this all to reach the ultimate goal!

While hustle for our business is important for its ultimate success, it can also do a lot more harm than good…

As an entrepreneur myself, I can relate:

My business is my baby. It’s also my mistress (Please excuse the taboo metaphors :-p ).

There have been many times since I started it that I’ve put it before anyone and anything else in my life, which has admittedly caused some personal issues along the way.

Even though I work in the health and fitness industry as a Permanent Weight Loss Specialist, there have been periods where I’ve been so focused on my business, that not only did I neglect my girlfriend (who I’ve lived with for five years) during those times, but my own personal health.

I’d stop preparing healthy meals and snacks, and would instead eat cheap, easy garbage from down the street. I’d forego my workouts to create that new piece of content, instead.

I’m sure you can relate! Like I said, our businesses are our mistresses…

That being said, I’ve discovered a ritual that not only helped me get things together, but a ritual that has also helped my clients to keep their eyes on the prize.

You’ve probably heard it before, and you may have even entertained it for a week or two, but trust me – If you make it a daily ritual, and make it a habit, it works wonders!

Every morning when I wake up, I put myself FIRST!

I’ll typically wake up 10-20 minutes before my girlfriend (whether I have to or not), and will take 10 minutes to meditate via a guided meditation on the Calm app.

I’ll then walk down the street to get a black iced coffee, and will mix MCT Oil and some stevia in it to energize both my brain and my body.

Next, I’ll prepare a healthy breakfast, and after I’m done eating, I’ll reach out to my clients regarding both their nutrition and their fitness from the previous day (all of my services include a virtual component).

In just 20-30 minutes each morning, I start my day off the right way, which helps to put me in a state where I feel happier, and healthier, too!

I’m fortunate enough that I have times throughout the day that I can exercise, but on days that I don’t, I’ll get a workout in early, as well.

Putting yourself first is the BEST thing you can do! We tend to develop this Martyr Syndrome, in that everyone and everything comes before ourselves.

For us entrepreneurs, it’s typically our businesses first, then our family, then our friends, then our errands, and before we know it, there’s not enough time left in the day.

I like to think about the importance of putting yourself first like the premise behind the emergency landing procedures on airplanes.

You know what I’m talking about: When the oxygen mask bit comes up, we’re urged to put on our own oxygen masks FIRST before helping others.


Reason being:

Even if we’re able to assist the helpless folks sitting next to us, if the cabin loses pressure, you can pass out without the mask, and ultimately, perish, even if the plane is able to make a relatively safe landing and everyone else survives.

This is a morbid way to look at it, but it’s an important lesson that you MUST apply to your daily life.

If you’re not at your best, then think about the quality of the work you’ll deliver to your clients, or the quality of the time you’re going to spend with friends and family.

As you grow to be heavier and to be more unhealthy, this quality of your life WILL go down, and ultimately, you’ll become a burden.

Your business will suffer, your family and friends will have to coddle you… Who wants that?!

Make the extra time on your calendar every day to better your health and to put yourself into what Tony Robbins calls a ‘prime state,’ where you’re able to tackle the day’s tasks with your best.

It takes about 60 days to form a habit, so in just a couple of months, this will be like second nature to you.

Do you want more energy? More productivity? More clarity? Better health?

Then THIS is the key!

Try it out, and let me know how it goes 🙂

– Pete



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