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The Winner’s Morning Ritual

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The Winner’s Morning Ritual

The Winner’s Morning Ritual

Start your day right.

What do I mean by that?

Let me explain…

As entrepreneurs, our business is our baby.

It’s often the last thing we work on before going to bed. And most times its the first thing we tend to each morning.

While this way of life can be stressful, the financial rewards can be great! But, something that entrepreneurs suffer from is poor health. Either, they are overweight, overworked, or suffers from a health condition, like Type-2 Diabetes, or depression.


It takes a lot to do what we do, and sometimes the risks can outweigh the rewards.

That being said, I want to start your day differently!

You CAN have it all: The thriving business, the loving relationship(s), the great social life

But you have to PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

As an entrepreneur and a member of Freedym, I’ve met many entrepreneurs in various niches and industries and I noticed something.

Majority of them suffer from Martyr Syndrome!

Work comes first, then family, and if they can squeeze in friends and charitable work, that’s it!

Their days are consumed with everything OTHER than the most important thing in their world: Themselves!

If you eat, breathe and sleep your work, and half-ass your way through everything else, then you need to make a change using my BM² Method.

What’s the BM² Method?

Glad you asked!

It’s a system I’ve developed that worked wonders for my clients and for me.

Here’s a glimpse into the acronym, and then how I implement it each and every morning when I am awake…

B = Body. You need to do SOMETHING to get your body ready. In the morning when I get up, I’ll walk down to the Speedway (a local rip-off of 7-11) down the street to get a cup of coffee. I’ll walk back to my apartment, dump in a few tablespoons of MCT oil and begin preparing a healthy breakfast.

This primes my body for success by waking me up, fueling my brain and keeping my body in a lipolytic (fat-burning) state.

For those of you who don’t have time later in the day to work out, I highly suggest you exercise during this time.

Taking care of YOU is the first step in insuring you have a successful day.

M = Mind. Once I finish my bulletproof coffee and healthy breakfast, I’ll take 10 minutes to meditate. I personally use the Calm app and its daily guided meditations, but I know Headspace is another popular one.


Whatever you use, I’ve found meditation the key to cutting out any stress.

And helps me approach each situation (both expected and unexpected) more rationally.

Cutting angst and negative emotion out of the equation will help you thrive in every facet of your life. This is just as essential as taking care of your body.

M² = Morning. This MUST be the first thing you do each and every morning! We tend to burn out, become complacent and leave an optimal state because we don’t put ourselves in the best position(s) to succeed each day.

By putting you, your body and your mind FIRST, there’s no way you won’t be in a better position to thrive in your life!

Do me a favor, and try this out for a week. Let me know how it goes in the Comments below! I’m interested to hear how much this helps you in just a short amount of time 😎

To your success!

– Pete



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