Where to Get Ideas and Inspirations for Your Copy with Kim Krause Schwalm

Where to Get Ideas and Inspirations for Your Copy That Speak to Your Prospect’s Deepest and Most Urgent Desires

Join us for a training and discussion with Kim Krause Schwalm, one of the world’s top copywriters.. her copy has generated well over 1 billion in sales for clients.

In this workshop, she’s going to dive deep into RESEARCH! It may not sound sexy. But it’s crucial for crafting the right copy and messaging for your product or service.

Speaking to your prospect’s deepest and most urgent desires–and providing proof and credibility so your copy and promise are believable–are crucial levers to compelling your prospect to read and take action.

Kim will share some of her favorite tactics for what she does during the research phase of each copywriting project she takes on that you can apply for your copy or business.

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