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The Ultimate Lifestyle Business.. The Vinyl Record Playlist

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The Ultimate Lifestyle Business.. The Vinyl Record Playlist

The Ultimate Lifestyle Business.. The Vinyl Record Playlist

What’s the point of building your own lifestyle business if you’re not enjoying it.  At FREEDYM, we always have our daily vinyl record playlist.

That’s right, every day I break open our FREEDYM vinyl record collection (yes, actual vinyl records), filled with lots of music from the 60s to current albums – and we play it.

Here are some recent selections that made it onto the playlist:

New Edition Vinyl Record

Who doesn’t love old-school New Edition?


Paul Simon Vinyl Record Graceland

Paul Simon’s Graceland. Amazing album


Styx Paradise Theatre Vinyl Record

Rockin’ the Paradise.. with Styx, of course.

As a kid in the late 70s, I remember vinyl records and 8-tracks. Then, cassettes in the 80s and CDs in the 90s. Now, of course, digital music.

But even with all these formats, I still prefer vinyl.

Why? Is there a method to my madness?

Well, there are a few reasons.

#1. Nostalgia feels good. And if hearing music from your youth makes you feel better – that joy will spill over into your business and marketing.

And when that joy can be felt in your messaging, it’s hard to lose.

There are so many negative forces in the media, if you can make someone feel better – they will remember.

#2. Forced breaks. A less “emotional” and more tactical side of my vinyl obsession is that a record holds around 22 minutes of music per side. Which is the perfect amount of time to get up and flip the record over. It literally “forces” me to get up, move, take a short mental break.. then, come back to work.

#3. It’s real. While I LOVE building my business online, it’s nice to get offline and become more intentional with music. Choosing which album to play, looking at the artwork, removing the album from the sleeve, checking out the liner notes, placing it on the turntable, and even the smell of vinyl… it’s real and can never be duplicated with digital music. Call me old-school, but I love it.
Does that mean you should start collecting vinyl records.

Of course it does! (kidding, of course).

No, it’s simply my way to telling you to connect to what works for you. What feels good to you. What brings you even just a little more happiness.

Your job is to build a business that is profitable, still let’s you have a life and has as much impact as possible.

So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to break out another record. I’m kinda feeling a little torn between John Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp or John Mellencamp.

You got this.


P.S. What’s YOUR favorite go-to album(s). Please share below and we’ll see if it makes it onto the FREEDYM playlist!



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