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Unsolicited Advice? No Thanks!

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Unsolicited Advice? No Thanks!

Unsolicited Advice? No Thanks!

You might have heard the saying, “your network is your net worth” – and I absolutely agree.

It’s amazing how little time small business and entrepreneurs spend on connecting with other people in their market, etc.

Connecting is pretty simple, but here’s one strategy that’s used all the time – and it’s wrong. Dead wrong.

Giving unsolicited advice.

I get these emails about once a week. It’s usually something like…

“Hi Ryan. I like your emails BUT XYZ”.

Maybe they give their opinion about my grammar. Or the length of the email. Or the time I send it.

Or, if I meet someone at an event, they’ll say, “Ryan, I think you should have led off the event with the other speaker”.

But here’s the thing: I didn’t ASK them for their opinion.

It’s obnoxious. It’s annoying. And it’s the fastest way for someone to NOT want to connect with you.

Unsolicited Advice

Please don’t give unsolicited advice. Ever.

Plus, they might not have all the facts. What if I put that speaker first because they had a flight to catch? What if I use a specific call to action in my email because it’s been proven to increase response by 39%?

So why are some people UAG’s (Unsolicited Advice Givers)?

Because it might seem like a good way to connect with someone AND try to offer them help.

Plus, you think it positions you as an expert (whether is’s heath, finance or marketing), especially if you believe your advice is spot on.

You might even do this a lot as a crux of your connecting.

There are some sales people who use this as their primary marketing. They’ll send an email like, “Hi Ryan, I noticed you are not using the person’s first name in your emails.. you should blah, blah, blah”.

Trust me on this one, as someone who receives A LOT of unsolicited advice, it repels the people you want to attract.

If you really want to connect with someone, you only need to remember 5 words:

5 Words To Connect?

Here’s THE sentence that is a much better way to connect. Just ask…

“How Can I Help You?”.

You can even use, “How Can I Support You?” instead.

Here’s what I’d do.

“Hi Jenny, I just listened to the Super-Duper Podcast where you were a guest. It was amazing! I loved when you revealed how to be super, without being duper. I just posted a link to that episode and to your site on my Facebook page. Please let me know how I can support you even more?”

Of course, you must be telling the truth. If you didn’t listen to the podcast, don’ say you did!

But this is so much better than, “Hi Jenny, I heard you on the Super-Duper Podcast. And while I thought you were amazing, you should consider getting the Sony USBMax Mic with the xtreme jet boosters, because it was hard to hear you. I’m just trying to help!”

See the difference?

You’d be shocked how many people go right to the second one. It’s insane.

Now get out there. Connect. Offer value.

And whatever you do, please – for the love of all things Holy – don’t give unsolicited advice 🙂

You got this.


P.S. If this resonated with you, please share/like and work your social magic. And, if you feel compelled, I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Do you agree? Disagree? (yes, I’m actually ASKING for your advice!).



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