The Mindset of Selling

Selling isn’t just selling. If we could just slap up some words on a sales or landing page and sales rolled in, life would be blissful. BUT Successful selling is a skill.

What’s Great Copywriting?

The best copywriting gets inside the mind of the customer. It taps into their wants and needs.

Great copywriting answers objections that the customer may have.

Great copywriting draws your customer in so by the end of your “sales” page they can’t wait to click BUY!

Sound easy? It’s not. Some of the best copywriters in the world spend hours writing and re-writing and testing and tweaking their copy. But it is a skill that can be honed and refined.

Where to start?

Start with your customer in mind. Actually ALWAYS keep your customer in mind from start to finish. But initially, think about your ideal customer. How does your product or service help them? What problems are they facing that this solves? What objections will they have in buying this from you? Can you answer those objections?

A Confused Customer Never Buys

Great line huh?

Be as clear as possible when writing your copy. Don’t water down your sales page with too many words. Get right to the point. Remember – we’re dealing with very busy people who are hooked on scrolling. If you get wordy, they’ll bounce.

Now What?
I read an AWESOME article the other day by one of my new favorite copywriters/writers (yes he does both and it’s different)…..

This blog is a perfect place to help you write better copy.


Enjoy. And Cheers to Successful Selling!

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