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The Journey

In today’s over the top society, we are bombarded by the plague of excess.

We live in an era where the word “millions” is bandied about like a plastic sword in a children’s play.

You know what I’m talking about right?

Millionaires grow on trees nowadays. There are apparently so many damn millionaires, they are not even notable anymore.

YouTube videos are getting millions (sometimes billions) of views (seriously, HTF does that happen?)

Even the lottery jackpot is in bazillions (out of which the government will casually slice off some millions for itself just because some hapless sap had the audacity to win the damn thing).

We have been brainwashed into thinking that only big numbers count for anything.

In today’s world, unless you make it big, you haven’t made it at all.




This way of thinking absolutely misleading of course.

There ARE big wins in small numbers.

And, if you are interested in long terms wins, it’s actually the small numbers that add up.

Those small victories, the baby steps, the diminutive triumphs made one day at a time.

It’s all about consistency.

And unwavering, laser-tuned focus.

Successful people have that uncanny ability to keep plugging away, day after day after day, without ever giving up or losing faith.

(Make no mistake – this takes some serious grit.)

They have acquired the wisdom to be able to analyse mistakes, step back, and apply what they learned to the next step.

And, of course, they possess that perennially youthful intemperance of diving back into the fray with unbridled gusto, to try things out one more time.

In this way, the small wins add up.

Slowly, and surely isn’t just a Martian trait.




So, in this world of casual millions, of apparent overnight successes (that happen only to others dammit), of instant gratification, take a step back.

Plan one win for today. One small win.

And another small win for each day after this.

Make it believable, make it real, make  it achievable.

And make sure that, whatever you do, that win is yours by the end of the day.

You’ll be amazed at how the little wins add up into something mind-blowing.

Go for it and see how it works. I double dare you!



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