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The Best of The Best Mark Cuban

One of the infamous Sharks on Shark Tank.  Mark Cuban is an entrepreneur, investor and – since his net worth is in the Billions – he’s the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

His portfolio of companies is 80+.  Such as Dropbox, Allstar and Upstart…  

Seems like he knows how to build successful businesses. 

But did you know that his first tasted of entrepreneurship was when he was 12 years old and wanted to buy some new sneakers. So he went door to door selling garbage bags!

His secret strategy?

They [garbage bags] were 100 for six bucks, what I sold them for — they cost me three bucks, so I made three bucks a box.

We pulled together some of the Best of The Best Mark Cuban interviews!

How Mark Cuban Became a Billionaire

What does it take to reach Billionaire status? From selling garbage bags to selling off a company to Yahoo for $5.8 Billion. Mark Cuban talks about his journey to all of those zeros…

SOURCE: YouTube Bloomberg

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