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How to Stop Yourself From Going Insane Whilst Working in Your Underpants

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How To Stop Yourself From Going Insane Whilst Working In Your Underpants

How To Stop Yourself From Going Insane Whilst Working In Your Underpants

One of the attractions of running a lifestyle business, is ditching your suit to wear what you like.

Sweatpants, yoga pants, pyjamas or even your underpants if that’s how you roll.

I’ve recently moved back to the UK after living in Sydney, which is where I started to experience working from home.

Whilst I was there I used to contribute to Flying Solo a very popular micro business community. Each year since 2012 they’ve held ‘work in the nude day‘. To celebrate the freedom of working for yourself, by dressing down on the first day of summer (December).

Now for those of us now living in the northern hemisphere, dressing down in Winter isn’t so appealing.

In an Australian summer (without air conditioning) it’s a must!

But as appealing as working in your underpants may or may not be. It can also become difficult unless you balance it with some discipline.

Battling boredom without losing your sanity.

Most of the articles I’ve read on this topic, focus on the lack of human interaction, health. And the need to bring in a little self discipline and routine back into your day.

But that to me, sounds a little too much like the life I’ve been so desperate to leave behind.

Sure the quiet isolation can lead to you starting conversations with yourself. Or is that me!

But with a little creative thinking there’s no need to feel so disconnected.

Scheduling regular video calls can help you stay connected with a virtual team, clients and friends. Running Facebook broadcasts will help you build better relationships with your audience. And attending local Meetups can help increase your awareness.

And change of work working environment can help your mood and prevent you from feeling so hemmed in.

Here’s what I mean.

Your alternate home office

Because you have a dedicated home office with shiny new stand up desk! Doesn’t mean you have to chain yourself to it all day – every day.

Wherever I’ve worked, no matter how nice the environment. It’s always nice to mix it up every once and whilst.

And with free WiFi available almost everywhere today – your local cafe, library and gym can all serve as your alternate office.


I prefer my local cafe and steer clear of the big coffee chains (sorry Ryan). In favour of better coffee and quality of conversation.

Fighting procrastination, distractions and maintaining self discipline

This one is HUGE for me, whilst I don’t suffer too much from procrastination, I am easily distracted.

Thankfully, Nozbe, Google Docs, Evernote and a solid process for managing my projects and tasks has helped me to schedule work and stay organised and focused.

It’s not a complicated process but it works for me for the most part.

Avoiding last night’s leftovers and fitting in the gym.

I have gouged on half a cottage pie for lunch and have piled on on the kilos. Due to lack of exercise and poor meal choices at home.


It’s still a battle I fight with daily and as much as I do enjoy eating healthily – sometimes nothing quite beats bacon egg and chips for lunch 😉

It gets worse.

Because now I have young daughter, there’s a steady supply of treats for me to steel.

So what’s the answer?

Self control and having a supply and variety of healthy snacks and meal choices helps.

Along with waking early and hitting the gym. I know I said earlier that I struggle with routine but I’ve always been a morning gym person.

I find it sets me up for the day and I’m much less likely to snack on chocolate and crisps later in the day.

Your turn

What are some fun ways you combat isolation and maintain your sanity whilst working from home?

Let us know in the comments.



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