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Stop Trying to Trick Your Audience And Use Honest Marketing

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Stop Trying To Trick Your Audience And Use Honest Marketing

Stop Trying To Trick Your Audience And Use Honest Marketing

When it comes to sharing your message with your market, there’s a temptation to look for shortcuts.

After all, the lures are everywhere:

“Five powerful hacks to selling your product…”

“Six influence triggers to activate in your audience…”

“101 sure-fire secrets to convince your customers…”

But here’s the deal: You shouldn’t have to fool, convince, or otherwise trick people into anything. If you have a good offer that resonates with your intended audience and you present it in a clear and compelling way, your market should immediately identify the value and act accordingly.

So if selling is so simple, why all the talk about influence, persuasion, and tricks?

Because we’re human, and it’s human nature to want shortcuts! And while effective marketing is simple, it’s not particularly easy.

In fact, creating a simple message that resonates with your target audience may be one of the hardest things you do as a business owner.

It requires that you know your USP (unique selling proposition).

It requires that you know how your product or service stacks up against your competitors in your competitive landscape.

It requires that you understand your audience’s pain points, dreams, wants, and needs.

It requires that you speak to your market in their language.

It requires that once you refine your messaging, you convey it consistently and clearly to your audience.

This takes time. Hard work. Perseverance.

And it’s nowhere near as attractive or sexy as using some “power words” to “flip the buying switch” in your potential clients.

But it’s just like getting in shape. If you have a rotten diet consisting of Twinkies, Fritos, and gallons of soda, no “15-minute belly blast” is going to work off the fat. You’re going to need to start with the foundation of healthy eating and regular exercise, and build from there. If you focus most of your energy on that foundation, then you’re already 80 percent of the way to a healthy lifestyle.

If you have a lousy product or half-thought-out business idea, no amount of “power words” will convince your audience to buy. You’re going to need to start with the foundation of a well-defined product and audience match, and then, just like with the getting in shape example, you’ll be 80 percent there.

Here are the basics:

With getting in shape, you need to start with the basics of what you put in your mouth and what kind of movement you do. With messaging, start with these three elements:

• WHO is your audience? What are their pain points/needs/wants?

• WHAT makes your offer special? How do you offer a unique experience to your customers or clients that they’ll be willing to pay for?

• HOW can you simplify your messaging so your target audience intuitively understands the value you provide?

Get those elements down, and then convey your message clearly to your audience over and over and over again.

Forget about trickery and persuasion. Do the basics, and do them well. Leave the tricks to people who need them.

Lain Ehmann of #FastLain knows that Simplicity Sells. As a communication conversion strategist, she works with high-level entrepreneurs to create crystal-clear messaging and content that reaches their audience at the right time, in the right way. Download your messaging worksheet here.



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