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Sprint: The Future of Entrepreneurship!

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Sprint: The Future Of Entrepreneurship!

Sprint: The Future Of Entrepreneurship!

Let’s talk about the what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.. and the importance of speed (the sprint!)

Lots of business authors and theorists talk compare business to a marathon. They talk about it being a long game and moving slowly and methodically.

And while I agree you should sacrifice short-term profits for long-term wealth.

But business is not a long, slow game.

In fact, business is a series of intense, all-out sprints.

I was a competitive track and field sprinter my entire life.. finishing as captain of my college track team and holding a school record which stood for 17 years.

In other words, I lived and breathed sprinting. It’s in my DNA.

The track “sprinters” trained much differently than our “distance” teammates.

For example, if the distance guys would run a mile, it would be a slow steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. They’d have to purposely hold back.

The sprinters? We’d do 8 sets of 200 meter sprints. Intense. All-out. After each set we’d have to rest for a few minutes just to catch our breath.

We covered the same distance but we got there much, much differently.

And guess who gets all the glory (and the riches)?

I bet you’ve heard the name Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens or Usain Bolt (world’s fastest man). But have you heard of Eliud Kipchoge? (he won the gold medal for the marathon in the 2016 Olympics.. I had to look it up!).

And SPEED is the name of the game in business today.

“Entrepreneurship” is hot and it seems everyone is now starting their own business.

The barrier to entry to start a business has never been lower (you can get started for about $50), which means competition is increasing by the day. No, strike that. It’s increasing by the minute.

You no longer have the luxury of spending 6 weeks perfecting the hue of your logo.

Have an idea for a workshop? So do 300 other people and while you’re “thinking” about it, someone else is putting butts in the seats.

(if you’re not sure how to position yourself and your business – make sure to watch my training on finding your “hook” so you can stand out in a busy market here)


The 6 Week Sprint

Unless it’s a complex software program requiring lots of custom programming.. most business can go from idea to making your first sale in less than 6 weeks (and I’m being generous).

I once launched a nutrition company, from idea to a finish branded product – in the warehouse ready to ship – in less than one month.

Want to start a massage therapy business? If you’re already licensed, you can create a Facebook page, start doing ads and generate new leads within 24 hours.

Forget perfecting your business card. It’s time to stop “playing” business.

If you haven’t launched your business yet…. or, if you have a business and haven’t launched your next marketing campaign – here’s what to do first.

Open your calendar and mark the date you go live. Highlight it. Circle it. Post it on your bathroom mirror. And look at the date every day.

Without a firm date, it gets delayed (and often, it never actually happens).

And come hell or high water, you WILL hit that deadline. You must commit to it.

Then, take decisive action.

You move fast. You move with agility. You move with power and purpose.

When a barrier comes up you either go around it OR you run right through it.

But you never, ever stop moving forward.

Because you, my friend, are a sprinter.

And nothing slows down a sprinter.

You got this.




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