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Why Smart People Under Perform (And What You Can Do About It)

Why Smart People Under Perform (And What You Can Do About It)

Do you ever feel crazy busy and overwhelmed?

In this world we entrepreneurs cannot get anything done. Our to-do lists still have tasks from last week!

If you struggle with this, then Marie Forleo may have the answer.

In one of her weekly tv shows, she interviewed Dr. Ned Hallowell.

Why Dr. Ned Hallowell?

Well, he is…

  • NY Times Best Selling Author (written 19 books)
  • Psychologist
  • Harvard Graduate
  • Professional Speaker
  • Leading Authority on Adult ADHD
  • Has been on a ton of shows and interviews including Oprah, PBS, CNN, The Today Show, etc.
  • And, is one of the world’s leading experts on helping people perform better

Why do smart people under perform?

Dr. Hallowell shares his five tips on how entrepreneurs can take back control of their busy lives and how they can perform better.


1) Defining clear and specific goals

You can only do so much. Its critical you define what you want to do.

“What I suggest is that everyday you have three goals, not more than three.”

No more than 3 short term goals to accomplish today, 3 medium term goals to accomplish in the next 2-4 weeks, 3 long term goals to meet in the next 6-12 months, and 3 lifetime goals to meet before you die.

“So you’re always working toward short term, medium term, long term, lifetime goals and this forces you to prioritize.

Smart people under perform because they failed to prioritize and define very clear and specific goals.”

2) Avoid screen suck

“This refers to the common tendency where you say I’ll just go check my email and an hour later you’re still glued to the screen.

The simplest way to prevent this is to have a set amount of time, say 9 to 10 a.m. or whatever, where you reserved for the internet and email and when the time is up, you shut it down.”


3) Change your Default Response from Yes, to “Let Me Get Back To You”

Most of us tend to be very generous with our time, it’s our greatest asset.

But if we’re not careful, it becomes our greatest legal liability because the next thing you know, we’re over committed, overstretched, overbooked and about the snap.

Yes, they’re all worthy projects, but you cannot say yes to so many things. Be cautious of what you take on. Take time to think about it. And guess what, it’s ok to say no.

4) Never Worry Alone

One of the irony’s of modern life is that we are super connected electronically, but we are disconnected inter-personally.

People don’t have that sense of affiliation, of belonging, of company at hand.

You must make sure you have a network of people you can count on.

Things are going to come up in life and in business that will cause you stress and make you feel out of control. When this happens Dr. Hallowell recommends 3 steps:

1) Connect with someone about it.

2) Get the facts.

3) Make a Plan.

5) Cultivate Lillie’s and get rid of Leeches

“Lilies by my definition are people or projects that are worth it. They may take a lot of, time they may take a lot of effort, they may cause you all kinds of pain and agony but in the long run they are worth it.

My most prominent lilies are my three children. They take a ton of effort, they take a ton of concern, a ton of time but they are worth it.”

In order to have time for your lilies you got to get rid of leeches.

Leeches are people or projects that just aren’t worth it. They may be worth it in their own right but not to you.

You need to get rid of those leeches.

People stay with leeches for two reasons, usually inertia or guilt.

Don’t do it, you don’t owe it to the leech to continue to give him or her your precious life’s blood. Let someone else do that.

One caution about Lilies. You might have too many lilies and some may end up becoming leeches, be careful not to have too many.

If you want more information on this then watch Marie Forleo’s interview with Dr. Hallowell below:





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