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The Secret to Being a 7-Figure Lucky Bitch

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The Secret To Being A 7-Figure Lucky Bitch

The Secret To Being A 7-Figure Lucky Bitch

Denise Duffield-Thomas, founder of Lucky Bitch brand, displayed entrepreneurial drive early. From starting a bracelet business to setting out to be the top chocolate salesperson for her dance team, as a kid Denise pushed to be the best.

Growing up in a low-income area just outside of Sydney, Australia, she knew she wanted to create and do something involving business. Even though at that time, she didn’t know what that was. One thing she did know—she loved selling.

Although she loved to sell, that didn’t equate to automatic business success. In retrospect, Denise realized she struggled with money blocks for a long time. No matter what she tried, she could not accept money for her business ideas. As a result, she was stuck in a dreadful cycle of working a corporate job, quitting and getting a bridge job just to pay the bills.

This cycle continued to her late 20s when she decided to go all in and throw everything she had into working for herself.

After getting her life coaching qualification, she started doing workshops on dreams and goal-setting. Teaching people practical solutions for manifesting in the real world.

Denise spoke anywhere that would have her. Gyms, health food stores, new age shops. Wherever there was a space, she went. She began her practice doing 1 to 1 coaching sessions for $45 a pop. After getting burnt out from the rigorous routine of getting dressed, driving, finding parking just meet with her clients, she decided to takes things virtual.

She immediately switched all of her clients to Skype, realizing that it wasn’t the method of delivery but the results that counted.

It took Denise a few months in business to bring in $2,000-$3,000 steadily. At that point she realized she could turn it into a viable business.

She started blogging weekly and doing webinars. Even though traffic was light in the beginning, Denise delivered every piece of content consistently as if thousands were reading and watching. That consistency paid off as she grew her audience and her income steadily.

As her business took off, her friends took notice and always referred to her as lucky. She was inspired to start Lucky Bitch to show the behind the scenes of being an entrepreneurial success.

It has nothing to do with luck and you can totally create it on your own.

Denise grew Lucky Bitch to a 7-figure brand by doing the basics really well, consistently. She’s clear on her message, clear on her audience and clear on the results she can deliver them.

To get to the 7-figure level she advises to always make an offer whenever you put out content. Give people the opportunity to buy from you often. Also, keep your vision at the forefront. Your purpose beyond business—your why—will pull you forward.

To get the entire 7-figure roadmap, check out her full interview of

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