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Your Pre-Launch Checklist: How to Build Momentum

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Your Pre-Launch Checklist: How To Build Momentum

Your Pre-Launch Checklist: How To Build Momentum

When you’re in pre-launch and starting a business, you’re doing a constant dance

Let’s say you want to sell a program. Maybe it’s a course. Or a clothing line you’re creating. Or a nutritional product you’re developing.

Creating this product will take time. Perhaps months of planning and creating.

But here’s the mistake most entrepreneurs make.

During this creation process, they spend ALL their time on the product or program…

… and ZERO time on marketing.

Yes, you must make sure your product is done right. And, of course, you can’t actually sell it until the product is complete.

However, during this creation time – you should also continue marketing.

Now, you might be thinking, “Ryan, how do I market a product that’s not done? What would my web site look like?”.

Step 1 – you setup a very simple one-page landing page. It’s more of a coming soon teaser page with a place for them to enter an email address. That’s it. Don’t overcomplicate this step. Don’t spend thousands on programming. Just a simple pre-launch  “coming soon” page.

Here’s a very well-known example of a pre-launch page with Robinhood that went “viral’ (they allowed people to share it and jump to the head of the line on their thank you page);



The pre-launch landing page for Robin Hood


Step 2 – you start marketing. Immediately. WHILE you’re building your product.

It can be free with social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

You can start to publish your own content on the topic (create a podcast,  start blogging, etc.)

You can get publish on other platforms (be a podcast guest, write for other sites, guest blog, etc.)

You can even spend a little money to build your list and survey the subscribers.


Now, I lean heavily towards marketing because it doesn’t matter how good your product is, if no one knows about it you’ll make no sales.

Don’t make the mistake of putting your head in the sand and ignoring the marketing while you’re creating your product. Because 6 months later when your product is ready – you have no audience and you’re starting from zero. And sometimes, it’s too late because another competitor has been marketing their ass off and stole your thunder.

I’d spend 80% of my time on marketing tasks – and 20% on the product creation (in my experience, most have this backwards.. and are usually at 100% product creation and 0% marketing).

Business is about momentum and you need momentum heading into your product release.

Get this ratio right. And become a lean, mean marketing machine.

You got this.




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