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Podcast Poverty?

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Podcast Poverty?

Podcast Poverty?

Thinking your podcast is the actual “profit maker” in your business is like thinking your cell phone is an automated, cash-generating machine too. Listen…

You don’t get big checks for answering your phone or speaking through it. You get paid for what happens AFTER you connect with your prospects after they discover you have expertise in an area where they have a challenge.

The podcast is a medium that allows you to REACH OUT and INTRODUCE yourself. Why do you think Ryan Lee, Freedym’s founder, is starting up his podcast again? (This, even though when he originally canned it he had said it was “too much work” for an unpredictable return.)

Consider your podcast show like an “audio poster” that merely draws attention to yourself, similar to those who create a YouTube channel. This was the role of traditional public relations and publicity in the past that occurred offline. But…

With today’s ease and simplicity to start your own “radio show” podcast, once you have a loyal audience, THEN you can now quickly…


You use your podcast to create your positioning and win ‘self-made’ credibility. As a ‘media personality’ you leverage that status to gain access to industry leaders, known brands of experts and celebrities.


Becoming the “Host of…” and a member of the media adds more perceived value to your credibility and variety, especially since many are now authors with ebooks on Amazon.


Hosting your own “show” (hint hint – how to refer to your podcast for more impact and punch) and interviewing recognized stars of your niche or industry adds to your own celebrity status.

Think of interviewers in media (that were unknown when they started) that eventually became famous themselves ONLY because of the stars they interviewed, e.g. Oprah, Larry King. Man!!!….If “Ryan Seacrest” can get paid millions for the fluff he hosts and become a “celebrity”… come on…. YOU can too!

If you treat your podcast as a “marketing channel” instead of a “money-maker” in and of itself than you may be unnecessarily creating Podcast Poverty for yourself. Why do that?

Just sayin…. 😉.

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