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Pinterest 101

Pinterest may not be right for every business marketing strategy but if your ideal customer or client uses Pinterest then it’s definitely worth the time to learn the How-to’s of using it for marketing.

Here are our top reasons why you should be using Pinterest:

To stay competitive: Two-thirds of all Pins are from a business website. Big brands use it, small brands use it, your competitors use it and, most importantly, your potential customers use it.

To become more discoverable: Pins make you and your products discoverable and since every Pin links back directly to the original source, the potential for driving traffic is huge.

Engage with your customers: It provides you with an opportunity to engage with potential and current customers and to gain invaluable insights into their lives, likes, and loves.

For the love of SEO: SEO is essential for driving you up Google’s rankings and making you discoverable; Pinterest is a powerful tool with regards to this..

Helps build your brand image: It builds and reinforces your brand image. From regularly appearing on your followers’ homepages, to creating Boards that reflect your brand identity; it is the perfect platform to tell customers who you are and what you’re about, visually.

Pinterest content lasts longer: Facebook posts and Twitter tweets come and go; Pins stick by you for life. They’re searched for, found, and repinned over time. Pinterest content doesn’t fade like it does on other social media platforms. Simply put, the content lasts longer.

For inspiration: One main reason to use Pinterest is for inspiration. People want to find and share ideas, which shows that there’s good potential to find a new brand, concept, or product, through Pinterest.

It’s free: For the moment, Pinterest is free to use. Like many other social channels, Pinterest is also exploring options for paid and promoted Pins, but for now, the platform is free to use, which means that your brand can enjoy significant organic reach through Pinterest advertising.

SOURCE: Oberlo

If you’re ready to test it out, here’s a great place to help you get started!

Pinterest Marketing 101 Strategy Course To Grow Your Followers

SOURCE: Surfside PPC

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