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The One Tool You Must Have To Up Your Online Security

The One Tool You Must Have To Up Your Online Security

To grow your business and take control of your time, you need to do one thing—delegate. Hiring assistants whether in person or virtually can be a nerve-wrecking experience. Why? Because it’s hard to know who to trust.

Turning over website, social media and bank account passwords can be a necessary evil. You free up time and energy to tackle more important things like making money. However you really open yourself to become vulnerable to identity theft and cyber-attacks.

Fortunately there’s a viable solution—LastPass.

First and foremost, LastPass is a password management tool. Instead of remembering all of your passwords and having to re-enter them every time you visit a site, LastPass can do it for you. After you download the software, every site you save with LastPass goes into “the vault” where you can easily manage them.

Another feature that’s important is two-factor authentication. It’s all the rage these days as cyber hacks are becoming more and more prevalent. Before a password alone would keep you pretty safe. These days you need more security measures to keep things intact. Two-factor is just what it sounds like. In addition to a password, there’s another layer such as a pin number that must be entered to get access. Where ever possible, it’s advised that you enable two-factor authentication.

It’s also the solution you need when expanding your team. No longer do you have to trust team members with your personal information. Just assign them a LastPass user account, and they will have access to everything they need.

It’s a win-win. It’s minimal risk for you. And an efficient work tool for them.

Secure your business while you grow your team. Get started with a free-trial at

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