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The One-Email a day business model


The One-Email A Day Business Model With Ben Settle

The One-Email A Day Business Model With Ben Settle

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See How He Clears 6-Figures A Year Writing One Email A Day

Ben Settle is a proud subscriber to this way of life. His aversion to work is so high he refers to himself as an anti-professional.

In Ben’s world, you can work under 5 minutes a day and make $100,000 a year. The Email Specialist took 9 years to figure out this system.

Read the steps below for his SUPER simple 6-figure per year marketing funnel:

Opt-in > Email > Backend Sales

That’s it. No gimmicks. Ben does not like complicated.

You already know how to get them on your list. How do you get them to open your emails? Here are the only five headlines you’ll ever need

  1. Curiosity “Exercise that ages you faster”: It didn’t just kill the cat, it’s the simple most effective method in advertising. Make sure it’s not misleading and it’s relevant. This is the only type of headline you’ll ever need. It always gets the click.
  2. David Lynch “Phantom pooping prospects”: David Lynch was a director of Twin Peaks and other TV shows. If you watched Twin Peaks, you’ll know that there was always something weird going on. And that weirdness stands out. It usually comes out in everyday conversation. Write that stuff down. Use it in your emails. You’ll be surprised what people want to read.
  3. Rack the shotgun “Humiliating fat Facebook pics”: If someone is walking down the street, lost in a sea of texting and social media they aren’t paying you any attention. But if they were staring down the barrel of a shotgun, you’d have their undivided attention. So talk about their fears. It’s a surefire way to get them to pay attention.
  4. Pour on the pain “Prostatitis makes your penis fall off”: The goal of all humans is to move away from pain. If you’re able to make people imagine physical pain, then you tap into something they desperately want to fix.
  5. Contrasting ideas “Why women reject successful guys”: If you get people to think why, you’ve successfully entered their mind. Once the mind asks a question, it automatically seeks the answer.

Now that you have the headline down. Here are the tips for writing the email:

  • Write drunk, edit buzzed: When you sit down to write, do it unfiltered. Just let it all come out. Don’t care about what your friends or family might think. But when you edit, do it buzzed—not sober. Don’t spend hours going over the final draft. Light edits will do. You don’t have to be perfect. Typos will not hurt you.
  • Infotainment is the secret sauce: Don’t teach hard content. It’ll be boring and dry. Instead teach, give valuable information, and make it fun and light. Merge the two.
  • Bait the hook: Give them 90% of the content and leave the last 10% for the product you want them to buy. Give them the “what” not the “how.”
  • Tell stories that inspire action (buying): Telling a well-crafted story is like getting your audience all dressed up for dinner, now you have to give them somewhere to go. That place—your link. Don’t be shy. Add a link to EVERY email.
  • Treat each email like a talk radio segment: Pretend that you’re on the mic. This is your platform. Entertain your audience, provide value, then give them something to buy.
  • Be a Greatist…Not a Perfectionist: Being perfect is overrated. Actually it’s impossible. No one is perfect. Instead, strive to be great. We all have greatness within us.
  • Email length?: It should be like a woman’s skirt—short enough to get attention but long enough to cover all the details.
  • For ideas: The answer is always in your market. Create an avatar. Write down pains, fears, desires and insecurities. Each one of those is an email.
  • 4-minute email secret: If you get stumped, Google “your niche forums” For example “weight loss forums.” Read them. Thread titles are headlines. And the stories are emails. People are literally telling you how to sell to them.

Once you have an awesome headline and an inspirational email, give them something to buy. 95% of what Ben sells is continuity. It’s a physical print newsletter. There are tons of things you can offer for continuity…a newsletter, software, membership programs, supplements, beauty products, etc. Anything consumable will do.

Follow this plan and you’ll be well on your way to writing emails that people love to read and buy from. Turn 4-minutes a day into 6-figures a year.

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