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Old-School Productivity (How To Get BIG Results Without Tech Or Apps!)

Ryan Lee and his old-school productivity system!

Old-School Productivity (How To Get BIG Results Without Tech Or Apps!)

I want to share the productivity system I use to map out my entire business – and how we can create so much in a short amount of time. That’s right, we’re talking productivity today.

Sure, there are lots of productivity apps. Lots of software programs. Lots of tricks, tips and hacks.

But the system that STILL works best for me is to physically lay things out on paper.

And not just laying it out on paper – but actually getting on the floor.

Desk? I don’t need no stinking desk!

(Below is a semi-awkward selfie I took yesterday in my basement office yesterday)

Let me break down a few reasons why this works so well (for me) and maybe it’ll work for you.


I don’t know if there are studies about it and I don’t care. However, there’s something very powerful about writing with pen and paper.

Pen and paper just feels real – and a word document or even the coolest app can never duplicate that feeling.

Oh and it’s not any special kind of paper. It’s a pack a regular looseleaf paper, index cards and a pen (total investment: $3).

Give it a try today. Trust me on this one.


We have so many things happening right now with FREEDYM and a few very special projects – I needed to get each of the big ideas onto index cards.

Each BIG idea gets an index card. For example.

Like last week’s Continuity Summit 5 (so far, five of the sessions have already been uploaded to FREEDYM).

Or our upcoming Fall FreedymFest happening in New York on Sept 15/16, 2017

Or our new “media” site re-launch (which is also coming next week.. it’ll be a crazy week!).

If you want to create true wealth, eventually, you’ll want to create multiple revenue streams. And to do that properly, you must stay organized and have a map to success.

Take your time with this and be strategic.

Strategy beats tactics. All. Day. Long.


If you look closely, you’ll see my record player and a Van Halen album behind me.

Putting on music that makes YOU feel good just gets you in the flow.

Maybe it’s Beethoven or the Stones or One Direction. It doesn’t matter – find something that moves you to action.

Yesterday, it was 1984 with Eddie’s power guitar and DLR’s soaring vocals. And speaking of Van Halen…


Unlike the paper vs. tech lack-of-evidence, there actually is a study about the power of “nostalgia” (google it).

And it showed that nostalgia can make you feel good. Really good.

I spent my teenage years in the 80s and when I hear music or see movies from that era, it simply makes me happy.

Which is why even playing the Van Halen album – both actually holding a physical record and hearing the music – immediately brings me back to some good memories.

Tap into the type of nostalgia that makes you feel good.

1980s Records

What music moves you?

Because when you’re feel good, that overall feeling of happiness is carried through all your marketing.

So there you go…

I know. I know. It’s not the sexiest productivity system in the world.

There are no hacks. No cool apps.

Just some paper, a pen, a record player and a used Van Halen vinyl record that cost me $5.

Productivity and strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be stressful.

This is what works for me.

Now, tap into what works for you.

And, if you have 10 seconds, please “like” this post. And, if you feel compelled, please share YOUR favorite productivity system below (awkward selfies are optional!).



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