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Nicholas Kusmich On Life, Entrepreneurship, and Facebook Ads

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Nicholas Kusmich On Life, Entrepreneurship, And Facebook Ads

Nicholas Kusmich On Life, Entrepreneurship, And Facebook Ads

Nicholas Kusmich is a pastor, author, speaker and one of the world’s leading Facebook Advertising Strategist.


He works with thought leaders, New York Times best-selling authors, and top Inc. 500 companies, creating advertising campaigns that convert like crazy (upwards of 30,000%!).


He recently sat down with Freedym to discuss his approach to Facebook Ad campaigns, but what was shared was an insight into the true reality of entrepreneurship, the effects of chasing the fast win and what newbie entrepreneurs need to know about following this crazy path.


First, quick facts:


  • Nicholas was ordained a Pastor at 19 and ran his church for 14 years.


  • He didn’t believe he should take a salary from the church, it didn’t sit right with him.


  • His Dad had a stroke and couldn’t run his business. His mother had to find a job. “I remember her coming home literally crying saying they wouldn’t give me the job because I couldn’t speak English properly. So there I am, 17 years old, watching my mom in tears and watching my dad unable to work, being an only child saying I got to figure this shit out.”


  • Was a sucker for certain internet “opportunities”. On one side, desperation is a good thing, because it lights a fire under your ass, but on the other hand, it does set you up to become a sucker for certain opportunities. “I got involved in all these “opportunities” some were MLM, some were direct sales, etc. I ended up losing a bit of money and a lot of effort, and heartache trying to figure it out.


But I realized the online world was like an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. Once you go down, there’s an unending amount of ways you can go with it.


I thought this might be it. So I started on that path.”

The right place at the right time


Nicholas created an ebook, turned it into a course, and then figured out how to get people to buy it, the sales, marketing, traffic and the rest of that.


Call it the right place at the right time, Facebook came out with their ads platform and he jumped in.


“Very quickly I see Facebook had an upward trajectory, so I jumped 2 feet into Facebook and I don’t know if it was first movers advantage, understanding the platform, having a history learning marketing, or right place right time, I got very good quickly and it set the foundation of where we are today.”

Chasing the dream of the fast win


His thoughts on the reality of entrepreneurship:


  • Everyone appears like an overnight success. But it’s usually years and years of persistence.


  • This is where a lot of people do a disservice to aspiring entrepreneurs. They have unsubstantiated promises that it is easy and that there is no work involved or maybe there is work but it will pay off.


  • I chased the dream of the fast win and I was brutally let down over and over again because I was lied to. Someone told me that there was a fast path to winning and very quickly realized that that wasn’t the case. It was 14 years of grinding and not wanting to fail to get me here.


If none of that ever happened I wouldn’t have this knowledge, experience, skills, persistence, plus everything else that it takes to get where we are today.


I am still learning and I believe there’s a lot more learning to do.


People need to know that:


  1. There’s gonna be a grind. There’s going to be years of blood, sweat, tears, confidence, and patience invested in the process.


  1. It doesn’t always work out for everybody. Sad, but true.


  1. Know when enough is enough. Know when you can stop the hustle, be happy and live the lifestyle you want.


  1. Realize that it’s not about always winning. Its everything you do, you are going to have to figure out and that means figuring out through the losses.


Recipe for success


Entrepreneurship is going to cost you time and money. And that is dependent on how many good decisions you made, relationships you have, how much time you can put in.


From a money perspective, you can be super smart and wise and you don’t have to invest in everything somebody tells you.


The best investment is:


  1. Through learnings, so you can get access to good information.


  1. Through groups (learning groups or mastermind groups) where you are surrounded by smart people who are just a few steps ahead of the game and can help you along the process.


A combination of good information coupled with great people around you, take massive actions on the right things, and you have a recipe for success.

Approach To Facebook Ad Campaigns


Know your numbers.


If I was starting out with a membership site and I am charging $50. If a client or customer is worth $50 to me, that’s my first metric.


The second metric is how long will that person stick around for?


Let’s assume they stick around for 3 months. So, they are worth $150 over the life of them working with me.


Next question, how much of that $150 I am willing to spend to try to get that new customer? Is it 50% or $75 or 100%?


Let’s say it’s $50 we are willing to spend.


Now, look at your lowest hanging fruits- who is most likely going to be the ideal candidate to be part of this membership site? We come up with some target audiences there.


We run at least 2 ads to each audience, so there’s a split test to see which one works best.


Let’s say we have 5 potential targets, each target gets 2 ads, each target we can potentially spend $100, 5 targets, so that is $500.


Just for safety, we are going to allow for two times that amount, just in case in doesn’t work out.


So, we want to acquire customers, with a $1,000 budget, that would be a great starting point.


That’s how I approach a Facebook ad campaign.


From that, I can either get some success or get information that shows me what is working.


Look at that $1,000 as expecting no return from it. Seeing it as the important data you need to know to make that second data work.


Tweaking your campaign


For campaigns that are not working, this is the approach we use to tweak it:


  • Image or visual (video) is going to account for probably 70-80% of the success of the ad. That’s the first thing we look at.


  • The second thing we would change is the copy. What is the description saying about the image, can we make it longer? Can we make it shorter? Can we make more curiosity-driven? Can we build more rapport with it?


Everything after that, bidding, daily budget, campaign objectives, those come into play, but it carries much less weight than those two.


One thing you have to remember is, don’t be sidelined by success stories.


A lot of people will look at results people are getting, fantastic results, and get discouraged because they are not getting those results.


But look beyond it.


“If I am showing a 10,000% return on investment, I also ran 300-400 ad sets to get that result. That’s what people may not be seeing. Of the 300-400 ad sets, maybe a quarter of them are the ones that were working. So let’s say 400 ad sets were required to get a mega win and only a quarter of them worked, that means 300 were failures. That’s the reality.


Today it may seem that all the campaigns that we run are winners, but the reality is, there are “losses” that happen every day, but the secret is, don’t see it as losses.


See it as A: part of the process and B: as an opportunity to continue to learn and grow.


To learn more about Nic and everything he has going on you can visit his website and join his FB Marketing Master Facebook group here 



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