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Stop Selling. Start Serving (The Key to REAL Networking)

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Stop Selling. Start Serving (The Key To REAL Networking)

Stop Selling. Start Serving (The Key To REAL Networking)

Last night, I attended a private business and networking dinner hosted by my friends Chris Winfield and Selena Soo.

Every month, they invite about 20 friends (media, influencers, authors, speakers, etc.) to break bread together.

Stop Selling. Start Serving (The Key to REAL Networking)

And both Chris and Selena are very successful.

Too many marketers focus on tricks, gimmicks, hype, manipulation, countdown timers, plugins, etc.

But my business philosophy is pretty simple and it’s served me well for 18+ years as an entrepreneur.

Serve Others.

Yup, that’s it. That’s the “secret”.

All the other stuff.. the traffic campaigns, the social traffic, the sales page.. it all operates at 20% of what it should be unless you’re truly serving your peeps.

BTW, I’m talking about really serving the market – not just lip service.

Relationships take time.

Trust takes time.

Here’s an example.

Less than 24-hours ago, we just launched our brand new FREEDYM magazine.

It’s 100% free.

There was no “just pay $10 shipping” disclaimer. No credit card. No games.

In fact, we could have easily put an upsell on the “thank you” page.

It could have been a low-ticket program, book or product. And I know it would have brought in significant sales.

So yes, I “left money on the table” in order to simply give freely with no strings attached.

And do you know the results?

Buzz and signups are through the roof. Social sharing is taking off. Even the old school “word of mouth” is in full force.

Would this feeling of “wow” been the same if there was a “Wait! Here’s a one-time offer!” upsell? Followed by a downsell, another up-sell and downsell?

I don’t know – but based on my experience, probably not.

People might react with, “Cool, it’s a free magazine, but it’s still a marketing ploy”.

It would absolutely damper all the good will built-up.

So here’s my parting advice with some tactical steps to take.

#1. Everything you do, ask yourself, “is this more about me and my bank account or is this truly serving my audience?”.

#2. Start local. Put together a free event, dinner, get-together in your community with other “influencers”. Connect people. And do this consistently – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Now get out there and start serving, my friend.

Start serving.

You got this.




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