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What You Need to Do BEFORE Your Build Your Email List

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What You Need To Do BEFORE Your Build Your Email List

What You Need To Do BEFORE Your Build Your Email List

Everyone’s concerned about building their email list larger, with good reason. A larger list makes just about anything you want to do in your business easier. But one element of a large list we often overlook is maintaining our current readers. So before you worry about ADDING to your list, let’s talk about KEEPING your subscribers.

Growing your list sounds way more fun and interesting. But it’s also way more expensive (some experts say it’s 5 to 25 times more expensive to attract new customers than to keep your existing clients and customers happy!).

Here are some tips to keep your current subscribers happy:

  1. Treat your email list like the precious commodity it is. As an online business owner, your email list **IS** your business. If you don’t have an independent way of connecting with your customers, clients and leads WITHOUT going through a third party like Facebook, Instagram, or even Etsy, you don’t have a viable business. (Don’t believe me? Just ask any of the scores of people who had their accounts shut down without warning on one of the aforementioned platforms.)
  2. Remember that your “list” comprises individuals, not “leads.” As you grow your subscriber base, you can easily fall into the trap of viewing your subscribers as “leads” or as one homogenous mass. Fight this instinct! The second you stop thinking of your subscribers as individuals, you’re in trouble. Each and every one of your subscribers matters. (To help remind yourself of this fact, constantly connect with your audience via direct email or on social media. Reach out on an individual level and learn more about them — it will keep you grounded.)
  3. Stop “selling” them. If you’re in business, I’m guessing you have something you believe can help the world — a product, service, or concept. Keep that principle in mind: You’re sharing the solution to a problem, not trying to trick people into buying something. Stop trying to manipulate them, sell them, or “market” to them.
  4. Keep your focus on them, not on you. Here’s an exercise: Print out the last half-dozen emails you sent to your list. Grab a highlighter and mark every time you write “I,” “me,” or “my.” Take a look at the neon-decorated result and make it your goal to ELIMINATE THEM. Each time you sit down to write to your audience, focus on your reader, not on yourself. The more you can write for THEM, the stronger your emails will be — and the more they’ll feel like you understand them and their problems.
  5. Stay in touch. People sign up for your list because they want to hear from you. If they sign up and then you never send them anything, don’t be surprised if when you DO finally get in touch (which will probably be when you are trying to sell them something), they’ll be annoyed, confused, or just plain suspicious. I don’t mean you should send them useless messages just for the heck of it; instead, send them content they’ll find entertaining, informational, educational, or enlightening.

If you put as much focus on serving and KEEPING your existing subscribers as you do attracting new ones, you’ll be taking care of both ends of the spectrum — and you’ll get twice the results

Lain Ehmann of #FastLain knows that Simplicity Sells. As a communication conversion strategist, she works with high-level entrepreneurs to create crystal-clear messaging and content that reaches their audience at the right time, in the right way. She preps a weekly list of the top — and the flop — email subject lines she receives. Check it out on her blog every Friday!



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