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Getting Through The Rough Times: Here’s Some Motivation

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Getting Through The Rough Times: Here’s Some Motivation

Getting Through The Rough Times: Here’s Some Motivation

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have good days and bad days. You’ll have ups and down. You’ll have wins and losses. And we all need some motivation! In fact, I recommend a daily dose of motivation (and freedym, of course!).

Look, no matter how much you prepare, the bad days will come. You can count on it.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years and I’ve had so many setbacks I literally lost count.

Your setback? It could be a marketing promotion that didn’t pan out as well as you expected. Or a new product that bombed. You just got ripped off by a vendor or a customer. Your web site crashes. Your employee quits. Your partner wants to leave the company.

The key will be how quickly you get up after you’ve been knocked down.

Here’s what I recommend.

When you have a setback, give yourself 10 minutes to get angry. To get upset.

10 minutes. Max.

I’m serious. You get 10 minutes.

Then, move on and you move on fast.

I’m not saying you ignore what happened. Because that’s not healthy. No, you accept it and you learn from it. You learn and you don’t repeat those mistakes (and you plan, as best you can for future bumps in the road)…

.. but you don’t obsess about it. You don’t let the setbacks control you.

That’s the difference.

The winners learn from their mistakes, losses and setbacks, but they don’t those mistakes, losses and setbacks define them.

You cannot move forward if you keep looking in the rear view.

If you’re going through a rough spot, just come back and watch this short video. It features some motivational words of encouragement from Les Brown and Eric Thomas. Maybe it’ll give you that little pick-me-up you need.

Then, you take that positive energy, and keep moving forward.




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