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Learn From One Of the world's top social media experts


Joe Soto… Learn From One Of The World’s Top Social Media Experts!

Joe Soto… Learn From One Of The World’s Top Social Media Experts!

Watch How Joe Soto Generates 1,000 Email Opt-ins within 48 Hours

Joe Soto is a Social Media Master and owner of a million dollar Digital Marketing agency. In his early days, he did copywriting for clients. He reinvented his business and immersed himself in social media. That evolved into social media management. About three years ago, he started focusing on Facebook Advertisements. His agency services small businesses, car dealerships, bars, clubs and especially restaurants.

There are two ways Joe helps his clients:

  1. He gives them 8-10 sessions. And teaches them everything he knows.
  2. They outsource entirely. And he manages their marketing budget of at least $1,000 per month.

According to Joe, you have to pay to play on Facebook. The good news is you don’t have to pay much. You can start out with $5 – $50 per day.

This strategy is so simple and effective, Joe helped his wife’s e-commerce business grow from $0 to ONE million with just $5 to $10 per day.

So how does he do it? Contest Giveaways

Since he works predominantly with restaurants, some giveaways are free burgers for a year, free beer for a year, a free patio party. The patio party was a great hit as the winner gets $100 gift card and a private party for 20 of their friends and family.

Before you get started, do your targeting. It’s the first thing Ben does with his clients. Know your audience. Spend time figuring out who your ideal client is. A lot of people want to skip this step. Don’t. For the restaurant, they identified several main groups and secondary groups:

  • Family farm owners
  • 20-40 singles
  • Teachers, firefighters, other town professionals
  • Families
  • Winery workers
  • Foodies
  • Tourist hikers

Be as narrow as possible. In Joe’s experience, targeting brands alone is too vague. You won’t get good results. Target niche brands. Use the FB Insights tool for research.

Set up an ad. The text on the image should explain the giveaway. However Facebook has a weird rule that the text cannot be more than 20% of the image. Use the Text Overlay Tool to test your image. Just Google it.

The tool Joe uses to run the contests—Woobox. It is a Facebook approved tool. This is important as you want to stay in FB’s good graces. You can create templates within Woobox. The tool collects emails for you. And you can easily export the file, and upload it to you list. This tool is about $30 per month, however it will more than pay for itself once you start collecting leads.

You can design your images and header using Canva. They have several templates you can use for different types of social media posts—Banners, headers, FB posts, etc.

Joe used this strategy for one of his clients, in 2 days his client had 954 opt-ins and 1600 website visits. That’s a 60% opt-in which is Amazing for cold traffic! Within 30 days, the client collected 2,000 emails for under $200. Once the giveaways are up, people like, comment and share like crazy. Tell them to like to post, tag a friend as part of their entry into the contest.

Here are some other ideas to make your giveaway a success:

  • Partner with a Complimentary Brand: Joe’s wife owns Girly Bowtique. She partnered with one of her favorite shops that makes chapstick. And since she makes keychain chapstick holders, they teamed up for a giveaway. The campaign was a success.
  • Do It Yourself: You can just tell people to like and share the post to enter the contest. This will get a lot of Reach, however that reach will disappear the next week once the post stops running. You can build everything using Leadpages and your own email autoresponder tool. However it is more work and time consuming. Woobox is built for these social media campaigns specifically.
  • Crossover media marketing: Run an ad telling people to follow you on Instagram. Like and share the post to enter. And vice versa. Tell people on Instagram to follow you on Facebook. Leverage each of your platforms.
  • Be Specific: When you’re choosing something to give away, make sure it’s specific to your business. Give away coaching, training, video series, t-shirts with your logo, year-long memberships, etc. If you giveaway something like an Amazon gift card, you run the risk of people taking advantage and signing up just to get the free gift. So make sure your giveaway ties directly into your business.
  • Stick with the Basics: In addition to the giveaways, Joe is a believer in doing regular things to drive engagement. Posting frequently. Pictures highlighting employees and customers. Asking questions. Providing value.
  • Easily Get More Likes: When you run an ad, you will have a ton of people liking the ad. However, not everyone will Like the page. Click on the number of likes on the post. The list will pop up. On the right you’ll see an Invite button. These are all the people who don’t Like your page yet. Go down the list and hit all the Invite buttons. They will receive a notification that they’ve been invited to Like the page. This is an authentic way to gain followers. They are already interested. They just need to be reminded.
  • The List is KING: Remember it’s all about the list. Leverage your social media marketing to get people onto your email list. That way you can build trust and rapport. And your promos can go beyond the contest marketing campaign.

Now you know how to run a successful contest giveaway campaign. Be creative. Come with some ideas and go with it. You don’t have to be perfect. Test and see what works. Remember you don’t need a lot of money to get in the game. Joe’s wife only spent $5 to $10 a day until she started making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then she ramped up. Start small. Go slow. You’ll be well on your way to collecting 1,000 opt-ins in a matter of days.



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