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How An Interesting Bearded Man Created Viral Business Success Twice

How An Interesting Bearded Man Created Viral Business Success Twice

Chris Stoikos refers to himself as “a new type of serial entrepreneur.” And that he is as he’s the colorful character behind several successful brands. These two viral business were Coolbox and Dollar Beard Club.

Launched with an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign, Coolbox went viral in just 12 hours. The buzz landed him a deal with Shark Tank’s very own Kevin Harrington in May 2015.

Playing to his strengths and recognizing his weaknesses was a major factor in his entrepreneurial success. Stoikos leveraged his innovative product and larger—than-life personality with Harrington’s worldwide retail marketing experience.

As if taking the world by storm with a revolutionized toolbox wasn’t enough, Chris also launched Dollar Beard Club in the midst of everything. Positioned as the antithesis of Dollar Shave Club, members of the beard club are everything shavers are not. Real Men. Chris makes this very clear with his crazy marketing videos.

Men receive the complete “bearded-god” package of oils and shampoos delivered right to their door for just $1 per month. Full Beards. Women. Coolness. Who can say no to that?

With 70,000 monthly subscribers and counting, it’s evident that many guys are deciding to “be men” and follow suit.

Stoikos credits building an amazing team to his success. He’s known for his ability to create and motivate. He also rode the wave of Shark Tank success. He and his team fed off that energy and poured it into something new. People thought they were crazy for pursuing that idea, especially with the timing. However they were confident they could make the next endeavor just as successful.

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