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Hustle Or Heart?

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Hustle Or Heart?

Hustle Or Heart?

Are you using “hustle” to drum up more business? Have you tried some “heart”?

Check out this amazing WestJet airline “ad” (you can see it below) they created for YouTube. WestJet, a Canadian company,  makes CARING a part of their customer service culture and then comes up with ways to show that in the community.


While they created a Father’s Day related special rate because it’s coming up this weekend, it was never mentioned in the actual ad at all.

You do NOT have to have a customer service department, employees or a big budget to put HEART into your own small business or solopreneur marketing. You can…


Tell stories you know or discover with powerful storytelling techniques in your copy and communications, possibly in your daily or weekly email or Facebook/blog posts.


Refer to other content (just like I am here) with your own intro and “reason why” you are sharing. Think beyond the Cat Posters, of course, but at a minimum motivational posters on FB can be decent.


Create your own smaller scale community project. Don’t feel you have to do a 400 mile bike ride marathon or bring in tons of volunteers (but you could!) Why not take balloons to an old folks’ home and ask who’s got a birthday that day or week? Drop by a local women’s shelter with kids’ toys or scented soaps for mom.


Participate in a bigger event put on a by a non-profit, bank etc. Then, simply take selfies and “report” on your blog while participating. Make sure to put up links to the charity for donations.


I’m not recommending you do this merely because it’s a ‘marketing tactic’ to increase your sales. Just make what you have to do anyway be more meaningful to someone else’s life.

It may just make you feel better about your business and yourself!

Just sayin… 😉

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