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How To Create Powerful Videos People Will Love. Part 1.

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How To Create Powerful Videos People Will Love. Part 1.

How To Create Powerful Videos People Will Love. Part 1.

Video is one of the best marketing tools you can use.

Unfortunately, a lot of videos do not get the traction they deserve.

A quick little story.

As a young man in my 20’s while working on Wall Street, I moonlighted as a sound designer for a hip hop production studio.

During that time I met a really talented producer who went on to work with some big hip hop names.

I remember a conversation where he told me “I pull the pain out of the music.” Meaning I create music to get people emotional.

I’d even go as far as saying that conversation changed the way I created any sort of art, media, content, video or design.

The main reason most people don’t see results in their videos can boil down to 1 simple concept.

They’re not pulling the “pain” out of it. The videos aren’t hitting an emotional string.

In the not too long ago past it was too expensive or too complex to really create great videos by yourself.

Technology rapidly made affordable prosumer cameras a reality.

Then smart phones took it to a whole new level.

With the advent of the smart phone every person now has the ability to create great videos.

People often ask me what equipment they should use, or what tricks and tips to harness to get better video.

While those things are important, there are a few key concepts that are often overlooked.

I believe it’s the lack of mastering these specific concepts that has a cascading effect on the effectiveness of many videos.

So let’s get right into them:

1) Be Yourself.

This is where it all starts.

If you are creating videos for yourself you need to be YOU. Having your genuine personality shine through is going to make or break the video.

People sometimes try to be something they think their market wants, rather than just being themselves.

Confidence comes across when you are being yourself.

2) Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience may be the biggest tip I can give you.

When you don’t know exactly who you’re speaking to, you wind up speaking to everyone.

You need to know your market, their desires, their fears, their wants, and needs. This is not something you should guess.

This is something you should ask.

Ask your customers right now. You can do it in a post or in a email, on the phone or by survey.

3) Entertain Them

Everyone loves to be entertained.

It’s why the movie industry makes so much money year in and year out.

We love being entertained. We have been enjoying it around fires while banging on drums since the dawn of time.

Figure out ways you can be entertaining.

Let your own way of creating entertainment in your videos come through.

There are many ways to entertain too. It doesn’t mean you have to tell jokes.

Find one that you feel comfortable with and try it out. Post it up on your social channels.

Overtime you will find what works for you and for your market.

4) Inspire Them

Inspirational videos go really far. People want to be brought up and inspired. Inspire them to act.

Inspire them to be better. Inspire them to think.

Inspirational videos get some of the best response. People love to share and comment.

Anything that pumps others up will go a long way.

Think about it.

When you see the Rocky montage between the visuals and the music, tell me you don’t want to get up and start working out, or maybe even throw a few flurry of punches at the screen?

It’s ok we all do it.

Nike commercials do so well because they build the message of inspiration and overcoming struggle in their videos.

They don’t try to sell you anything, they just invoke an emotion. “They pull the “PAIN” out of the music.”

When you can make create an emotional response in your videos, you can do more than most video creators out there.

If something inspires you there is a good chance it will inspire others as well. The key to this, going back to number 1, is being you.

The REAL you.

5) Educate Them – Give Them Value

This one is a bit tricky If you are doing review videos or tutorial videos teach away.

But in any other setting especially a sales setting what works better is to educate people on the problem at hand or one that is evident in your market.

Tell Stories. Educate with stories. Educate with connection. Educate by shining a light on the problem.

Talk about something your market is having a pain with. Speak in terms of symptoms.

You want to allude to the fact that you have the answer without always being blatant about selling the answer.

Use these tips above as a pre-requisite in creating any sort of video.

These tips are also able to be used in any marketing campaign.

In the next article How to Create Videos People Love Part 2, we will go over 5 tips to record better footage.

I’d love to hear where you are stuck creating videos or how this information has helped you out by leaving a comment below.



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