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How Funny Brands Use Humor To Reach Their Audience

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The Best Funny Brands! The online world is so crowded these days. Customers are completely overwhelmed at every swipe and scroll. Get their attention by standing out from the crowd by using humor and wit!

The general consensus is that new website visitors will stay on your site 10-15 seconds on average unless something grabs their immediate attention.

That’s 10 – 15 seconds to WOW them and get them to click around.

A great way to get visitors to stay on your site or share your content on social media is to create really memorable and funny marketing.

Here are some Companies that Are Using Fun and Humor to Reach Their Audience in awesome ways!

Duluth Trading Company

SOURCE: YouTube Duluth Trading Company


SOURCE: YouTube Chatbooks


SOURCE: YouTube Hyundai


SOURCE YouTube Allstate

Ready to add some fun and comedy into your marketing?

The Harmon Brothers – define funny brands – have risen to marketing stardom in the past fews years, in part, due to their wildly successful marketing campaigns for their clients. Remember the Squatty Potty ad with a unicorn pooping rainbows?

They are also the creative brains behind the wonderfully funny and honest Chatbooks ad (above).

Here’s a great Behind The Scenes of the Making of the Chatbooks ad. Watch and learn from the Masters! These short ads can offer some huge tips and techniques that you an apply to your marketing voice.

SOURCE: YouTube Harmon Brothers

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