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Four Reasons You Can’t Seem to Make Progress to Your Goal

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Four Reasons You Can’t Seem To Make Progress To Your Goal

Four Reasons You Can’t Seem To Make Progress To Your Goal

Most of us know what our business and lifestyle goals and dreams are.

And with the guidance of Freedym, we often even know how to achieve them (or know where to look…)

…But we fall apart in the execution.

We know we want to build a sustainable business. We even know HOW to do it (start with the one-page lead magnet!).

But we still don’t do it.


What is it that interrupts us between the excitement of SETTING the goal and the day-to-day of ACHIEVING it?

Here are four reasons you just can’t seem to make progress towards your goal (and how to fix it!):

1. The goal isn’t the right one. You get talked into a 30-day Facebook Live challenge because your best buddy is all amped up, but your heart isn’t in it. You’re not really a video person, and you’d actually rather write than speak. But your friend was so persuasive, and so you caved. Is it any surprise that you are having trouble sitting down and hitting the “record” button?

Sometimes we choose a goal or a dream because someone else’s enthusiasm carries us along, or because we think we “should” do this or that. But in our heart of hearts, we don’t own the goal.

When we have to put in the hours of drudgery, we just can’t find the inner enthusiasm to carry us through the tough parts.

Solution: Only pick goals you can be obsessed over.

If it doesn’t consume you 100 percent at the beginning, it’s not going to get any better.

You need that obsession to provide momentum when you have to get up at the crack of dawn to write for an hour or say “no” to your family because you need to work on your book.

If you’re lukewarm about the end goal, let it go.

You only have so much time and energy, so direct it to where your heart lies.

2. The path isn’t clear. Sometimes you know the first step or two, but past that, you get stuck.

You know that you want to launch your new podcast, and you’ve even purchased a USB microphone and made a list of topics for the first month’s worth of shows. But now you’re stuck.

You’re not sure what you really need to do to get the podcast recorded and launched. Once you hit a roadblock, your engine stalled and now you’re just sitting there, your motivation petering out.

Solution: Find a coach, mentor, or guide. The good news about our crazy online world is that pretty much anything you want to do, from launching your own environmentally sound diaper line, to launching a Kickstarter campaign, has been done before and documented online.

The bad news is that there are a lot of quacks out there, and it can be difficult to sift the truth from the lies and scams.

My hint: Start with people and sources you know and trust (hint: There’s a TON of info here at Freedym!). Ask all your online contacts for suggestions. Let them know what you are trying to accomplish, and get suggestions from someone who has successfully undertaken what you’re longing to do. Then see if you get multiple nominations for the same person, resource, or program.

If everyone recommends the same person, contact the suggested individual, and see if they can assist you with the next step, either informally or in a formal mentoring/coaching relationship.

Don’t go cheap on me here! To get the best resources, you may have to pay. But the time you’ll save is worth it.

3. You’re overthinking it. Perfectionism, anyone?

It’s happened to me! I remember when I was trying to launch my first Kindle ebook. For months, I dilly-dallied. My mastermind group at the time told me to pick something simple and go for it, but I couldn’t help myself. I kept thinking the information wasn’t enough, or I could do better, or… You get the picture.

My perfectionism was getting in the way of completion.

Sound familiar? You can’t write the blog post because the topic is not perfect. Or maybe you haven’t started your business because you need to choose the “right” lead magnet or find the “right” Facebook ads class.

Solution: Turn off your brain. Seriously, stop overthinking it. Remind yourself you can always revise later, and that DONE is better than perfect. What also works for me is to challenge myself, or partner up and make a bet with someone.

4. The drudgery is wearing you down. Setting the goals is the fun part. Following through – that’s tougher! But the magic happens not on the first trip to the gym, but the 50th. Writing one blog post isn’t going to do much, but writing 20 — now THAT’s doing something! But it’s a lot harder to write that 20th post or get to the gym 50th time.

Solution: First, community. Find a blogging buddy. Join Freedym. Join a mastermind group. Study after study has shown that having a community to support your efforts makes it more likely you’ll achieve your goals.

Next, set rules for yourself.

Research has shown we have a limited amount of willpower. If we have to convince ourselves to sit down and write 1000 words every morning, or head to the gym, or eat more vegetables, it wears us down.

And using willpower for one goal takes away the amount of self-discipline available for other goals.

So, what’s a goal-setter to do? Take the choice out of it.

Set up rules that no longer make your good actions optional. For some, this might mean absolutely abstaining from social media until your “work” is done. For others, it may mean you record a video every day, not five times a week. Making it an absolute means you don’t have to debate whether or not today is an “on” day. The switch is always “ON.” While that might sound Stalinesque, studies show it’s actually easier than giving yourself the option of an “out.”

So here’s the bottom line: Setting goals is easy. Following through? Not so easy!

But there are so many areas and sources of support for you. See which of the above four most speaks to you, and then take action.

Lain Ehmann of #FastLain knows that Simplicity Sells. As a communication conversion strategist, she works with high-level entrepreneurs to create crystal-clear messaging and content that reaches their audience at the right time, in the right way. Find out more at here.  



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