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Email Copywriting hacks


Email Copywriting Hacks With Shari Friedman

Email Copywriting Hacks With Shari Friedman

3 Email Hacks to Create Amazing Copy Every Time

Fellow Freedym Fighter, Shari Fitness, became an email copywriter by accident. Being in the fitness industry, she naturally was on a several lists and an active affiliate. One of the leaders in the space, David Ruel, sent out a message to all affiliates saying they had a job opening on their team. She genuinely wanted to learn the inner workings of online marketing so she jumped at the opportunity.

In addition to learning from Dave, she also received training from Matt Gallant, one of the most prolific copywriters around. She soon found herself churning out copy, not only for their company but for other heavy hitters like The Lean Kitchen Queen, Coach Scott Abel and Elliott Hulse just to name a few.

Whether writing for an autoresponder, a launch series or a swipe file for affiliates, one things is for sure, you must understand the pain points of your audience. Know your audience extremely well and create a customer Avatar.

Once you do that, here are 3 hacks to create amazing copy every time

  1. Create an Email Subject Line Swipe File: You should be on the lists of industry leaders. And every day, take a little time to look at their emails. Go through them all. Any subject line that jumps out at you, put it on your spreadsheet. Separate them by different tabs:
    1. Time scarcity
    2. Generic
    3. Story headline
    4. Miscellaneous
    5. Pre-Launch
    6. Launch
    7. Seasonal
    8. Anything else specific to your niche (i.e. Fitness/Weight Loss)

Most times, these headlines are proven and fit for straight copy. Why reinvent the wheel Shari says. However you also must gauge your audience. Know what they’ll respond to. Some audiences will respond to hypey emails, other audiences will be turned off by it. Whatever you do, respond appropriately to your audience. You may have to tweak these headlines based on your audience or what you’re offering. Do not alienate them. You’ll instinctively know what’s best. Trust your gut.

  1. Create an Email Tracking Spreadsheet: Use this to track all of your important stats when you send out autoresponder messages and broadcasts. Here’s the breakdown of the spreadsheet:
    1. Subject line
    2. Date
    3. Platform you’re targeting (FB, YouTube, Twitter?) *This is optional
    4. Promotion
    5. List
    6. Number of people sent to
    7. Open rate
    8. Click through rate (CTR%)
    9. UNscubscribes- anything over 1% pull it immediately as it’s upsetting your audience. Figure out what not to say or do. It’s either the copy, promotion or both.
    10. Comments (i.e. highest click this rate, best performer)

Periodically weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, take a look at all of these stats. You will easily see what’s working and what’s not. Some things you may have a high open rate but a low click through rate. You may have a high click through rate but sales are low. It’s important to know exactly what’s going.

Here’s a quick tip. You can re-run promotions that do well. Just wait at least 6 to 8 months before you do it. Having a high click through rate but low sales indicate an interest, just not that product. So go back in your vault and pull out a promo that did well in the past.

If you don’t want to be bothered with this, outsource it to someone. There is so much good data to track, you definitely want to keep a pulse on what’s happening with your list.

  1. Create ANOTHER spreadsheet for headlines, bullet points and phrases: Since Shari is in the fitness space, she is able to segment her muscle-building spreadsheet like this:
    1. Arms, Butt, Shoulders, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Legs, Fat Loss

Old magazines are a great place to find sales copy and content ideas. Go through several issues. Pull headlines, bullet points and key phrases right from the articles.

Here’s some more email secrets. Use your Email Subject Line Spreadsheet to track opens. If you send an email without many opens, send it again. Simply segment the list and send to the UNopens. Be sure to change the headline or the 1st line of the email. And wait a few hours. Re-send in the evening, probably around 7 or 8. By then people are out of work and getting home.

Pay attention to political emails. It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for or your political ties, those emails have been tested and tested again. Pay attention to the headlines and email copy.

There is a BIG difference between email copy and sales copy. With email copy, you’re building a relationship, trust and rapport. Treat your audience like they’re your friends. Have a conversation with that. Sales copy is straight forward. You have to grab their attention right away. 1-2-3 GRAB! It’s a one and done type thing.

Email your list at least once a week. Talk to them as often as possible. If you have more time to devote, bump it up to 3 times per week. Don’t let your list grow cold. Sometimes it happens and there are ways to re-engage them. Consistent communication is key. You can run promos as often as every other week. Make sure that you are constantly delivering GREAT content. Give tons a value during promo times and non-promo times.

If you have a product or service coming and it’s not ready, plant seeds early. Ask your audience what they think. Ask…what do you want? What are you looking for? Any suggestions? Perhaps you left something out of your product. Maybe you can add a bonus in.

If you need content ideas, also ask your audience. Post on Facebook. Read, watch and listen to your audience.

There are tons of ways to market. However, Email is still KING. You really cannot rely on any other platform. You could be subject to the infamous slap like Shari. She still cannot run sponsored ads on Facebook. So it’s really important to move people off Facebook and all other platforms and onto your list.

Now you have all of the email hacks. Use this system to stay organized, keep track of key metrics and put things on autopilot. By following these tips, you’ll never run out of content ideas. Your copy will build trust, engage, and have your audience buying every time.

Shari Friedman writes email copy for some of the big names in the fitness industry along with her own business.  In this hour long training she not only gives some amazing email copywriting hacks, simplifying the process she also included a cheat sheet for you at the bottom.



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