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Case Study: Create a Full-Fledged Movement.. with Facebook Groups


Case Study: Create A Full-Fledged Movement… With Facebook Groups

Case Study: Create A Full-Fledged Movement… With Facebook Groups


9 Steps to Creating a Business With Facebook Groups

Dan Meredith is a self-proclaimed lazy, booze-drinking, foul-mouthed f*cker. In the midst of a recovering from a bender, Brit realized one thing, when he works…he makes money.

The Key for Dan…

Working consistently and actually getting sh*t done.

So on a whim, he decided to start an accountability group on Facebook—Coffee with Dan.

It started with 15-20 people. Since the group was free, he really didn’t think about monetizing. At most he figured he’d bring in a few thousand dollars.

Well something else happened. The group grew to about 2,000 people quickly and organically. He spent a whopping $0 on advertising.

And just by sharing, giving, and being his usual crazy self, Dan made BANK. And had a blast while doing it.

His free FB group generated $30,000 from a spinoff group, $330,000 from another spinoff group, several publishing deals averaging $30,000 per month and $90,000 from private coaching and consulting.

And that doesn’t include extra perks such as daily business opportunities and hundreds of testimonials.

Dan discovered a formula for making FB groups profitable and fun.

Keep in mind that he’s basically computer illiterate. Dan “broke Aweber” and can’t do a Lead Page to save his life.

So if he can make money with no technical skills, so can you.

Follow these steps and you’ll have safe place where people are loyal, can share their highs lows, form friendships, and have fun:

  1. Find an Urgent Need and Solve the Problem: If you’re doing it just for kicks and to hang out with people. It won’t work. There needs to be a clear pain. For Dan…it was Productivity.
  2. Be Consistent: This goes for the theme, imagery, posting, etc. Use your language. Coffee with Dan is all about “doing the work” and “getting sh*t done.” Use your theme and language all throughout.
  3. Be Yourself: Dan is an insane, foul-mouthed Brit with a HUGE personality. And that does not change with the group. You’ll still get cursed out in a post. You have to have thick skin to play with Dan. It is what it is. Don’t be anyone else. Be YOU!
  4. Show Them Who’s BOSS: Create rules and ENFORCE them. Have a pinned post clearly explaining everything. Delete anything that’s offensive or takes away from the group. If you allow promos that’s up to you.
  5. Treat People Right: Give everyone a warm welcome. TAG! TAG! TAG! Like, comment and reply on EVERYTHING. Ask the group for advice on content and ideas. If congruent, share content on your personal page. Never add people without asking. Dan says you’ll “look like a d*ck.” Provide tons of value.
  6. Grow the Group: Give lots of stuff away. Free Sh*t Friday has worked particular well for CWD. You can give away free books, turbo coaching calls, do guest webinars, etc. Have people post pics with Hashtag of your group.
  7. Monetize: Wait until there’s at least 500+ people in the group and you’re a few months in. Anything from $100 to $1,000 works well. You can do it 3 ways:
    1. Paid only
    2. Free to Paid
    3. Free with Cyclic Promotions

Dan went with choice “C.”

  1. Promote Well: Start plugging 1-2 weeks before a launch. Know audience and what they want. ASK “What do you want?” Then create and sell it to them. If you promote someone else, make sure you REALLY love it and it works. Pay attention to engagement. What are the liking, commenting and sharing? When are they active? TEST! TEST! TEST!
  2. Extra Tips: Get your Selfie on. Nearly every post should have a pic of you with direct response style copy. This trumps video every time. Show the real you. Be authentic. Share your highs and lows. Share testimonials from time to time. Highlight other people’s successes. Post regularly. Have routine posts with some variety for extra spice. Do guest promos if congruent with theme. Occasionally throw content “over the wall.” Share what’s going on in your other groups. Treat this as a hyper engaged email list. So write your posts like emails. Give before you ever expect to receive. Treat your audience like your friends. And most importantly…HAVE FUN!


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