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Rich People Have Big Libraries While Poor People Have Big TVs.. Is a LIE!

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Rich People Have Big Libraries While Poor People Have Big TVs.. Is A LIE!

Rich People Have Big Libraries While Poor People Have Big TVs.. Is A LIE!

If you’re been around the personal development space for any length of time, you’re probably heard a variation of this line…

“Rich people have big libraries while poor people have big tv’s”.

It’s a cool quote and makes us feel good if we’re reading a lot.

In fact, I’ve seen some ads where people are selling boxes for entrepreneurs – telling them how much they should be reading.

A recent ad from a company promoting business books

In fact, there are marketers whose entire business is based around making you feel guilty if you’re not reading dozens and dozens of business books.

Now, of course, reading a good marketing or biography of a success entrepreneur is better for your business than watching an hour of The Bachelor.

BUT – here’s the thing.

It’s not about the books you read, it’s about how you APPLY what you’ve learned that matters.

Even Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most prolific entrepreneurs I’ve ever met, has admitted he’s read about 4 books in his life.

I’m sure you know that person who has read it all. Think and Grow Rich. The 7 Habits. The E-Myth. And every Tony Robbins book.

But yet, their business is struggling. Or, more likely, they never actually launch their business.

Because they’re in constant “learning” mode.

They keep thinking, “Ok, I’ll launch my business after I read this next book”.

Or, “I need to read seven more books on setting up a corporation or becoming an accounting whiz”.

They’re stalling.

Because it’s easier to read another book than it is to build your business. Because building your business is scary. It’s uncomfortable.

You know what?

It’s possible to read a book and take action on what you learn.

It’s possible to be super-productive so you can not only read and build your business – you can even enjoy some time re-charging your batteries watching some tv.

Life is not an “all or none”.

The wealthiest people I know have a big library AND a big TV.

Have it all, my friend.

You got this.


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