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Building a Brand From Scratch – 11 Episode Series

Building a Brand From Scratch

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could get behind the scenes of a start-up and find out exactly what they do to develop and brand and grow a company?!?

You are in LUCK! We found this amazing series on a full rebrand of a family brewing company. This series walks you through the entire rebranding process. It’s really fascinating. Watch this team roll up their sleeves and get to work.

This isn’t just an “oh it’s so easy” type series. This team at Blind, a company that specializes in “Brand Strategy Design Consultancy“, shows you all of the ups and downs of rebranding this company.

Episode 1: “Starting The Branding Process”

Episode 1 is all about the initial stages from meeting the clients, finding out their goals, getting insight into the company’s history and vision. They also dig into the concepts for the new logo.

SOURCE: YouTube The Futur


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