Brand Personality – What Do You Want Yours To Be?

brand personality

What is a Brand Personality?

Human traits or characteristics associated with a specific brand name. Common characteristics or traits represented include uniqueness, sincerity, intellectualism, competence, excitement and sophistication. The brand personalities gives consumers something with which they can relate, effectively increasing brand awareness and popularity. (Source: Business Dictionary)

Short (and more fun) answer – If your brand was an actual person what would like look like and what would their personality be like?

Would your brand be young and playful? Mature and responsible? Handsome and outdoorsy? Glam and trendy?

What’s the vibe of your brand?

Why is it Important?

Because it represents who you are and what your company is all about. It helps you attract the perfect customers and clients who will “get” you and who you can best serve.

Nailing your brand personality will also make marketing a lot easier and way more focused. If you have a complete vision on who and what your brand is, everything falls into place.

Let’s play a little… Ready? Put your marketing hat on.

Let’s pretend you are in the Health and Fitness industry. Below are two examples of very different brand personalities in the same industry.

Let’s say you are a personal trainer who specializes in working with men who are serious bodybuilders.

Your brand personality would be more intense. Bold. “Tough”. The colors you would use would be bright, primary colors.

You’ll be using words like: Strength, muscle mass, ultimate, endurance, ripped, bulk, driven, resilient, etc.

Now – let’s say you are a personal trainer who specializes in pilates and yoga.

You work with men who are looking to achieve mental and physical wellness. Your brand personality will be much more “chill”. The colors you would use would be softer, neutrals, calming.

The voice of your marketing would be: balance, openness, flexibility, spiritual awakening, mind body soul connection.

Same industry – MUCH different brand personality.

By defining what your brand personality is, you can clearly reach the perfect customer for your products or services.

Are you ready to get clear on your brands personality?

Here’s an AWESOME video by Marie Forleo on “How To Build Your Brand: 3 Smart Branding Strategies You Can Use Now

SOURCE: YouTube Marie Forleo

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