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The Best Advice Tony Robbins Ever Received on Money

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The Best Advice Tony Robbins Ever Received On Money

The Best Advice Tony Robbins Ever Received On Money

“Nobody stays wealthy by what they earn.” ~Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins, our modern day Father of Personal Development, is no stranger to success. With his hand in 18 companies, over five billion in sales annually and a net worth nearing a half a billion dollars, it’s safe to say Tony knows a thing or two about money.

The best advice he’s ever received came from Ken Blanchard, the author of the One Minute Manager. Tony helped him with his golf game so Ken returned the favor and gave him some sage advice.

“A growing business will consume whatever cash you have. So you have to do something that will make you wealthy so you can handle the tough times in your business. You have to set up a separate money machine. You have to take a portion of your income aside where you don’t touch it either. It just grows.”

Robbins took that advice to heart and as he released books and infomercials, he kept the profits with him as Blanchard advised.

That move alone made Robbins wealthy as he was able to stay sane and whether tough times because he had income for life that was separate from his business. Even though Tony’s business grew rapidly and consumed a lot of cash, he was always ok.

He had an independent investment money machine. And that’s what he urges every business owner to have—a separate business that takes no time, has no employees, and almost no moving parts. Something you spend maybe a half hour every three months to manage.

Make money while you sleep. It will protect you.

Tony’s latest best-seller covers the important topic of…you guessed it…money! MONEY Master the Game is one the most comprehensive and accessible books you’ll read on the topic of money.

In the spirit of Napoleon Hill, Robbins went around interviewing the most successful people in the financial industry of our time. Billion dollar hedge fund managers, top financial advisors, all who are fluent in the language of money.

Tony then took that advice and broke it down so that “normal people,” the non 1% can understand. Get a copy and get in the game.



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