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Beginners Guide to Twitter

twitter 101

Twitter, the Wild Wild West of social media is still one of the leading social media platforms in the U.S.

It ranks #3 behind Facebook and Instagram.

With 330 million active monthly users it’s still a powerful place to connect with your audience.

PROS of Using Twitter

  • Younger audience that is actively using the platform daily
  • Ability to tag and connect with influencers and leaders to spread your message
  • 75% of Twitter users feel better about small to medium sized businesses after following them and reading their tweets
  • 79% have retweeted a small to medium sized business, which means your brand message has a bigger chance of reaching more people.
  • Clarity of messaging since you only have 280 characters to tweet.

Tweet Tweet! Ready to Get Started?

Twitter Tutorial

SOURCE: YouTube Sunny Lenarduzzi

Twitter Tutorial For Beginners

YouTube: Tech Talk America

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