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Podcast Myths

Podcast Myths

If you’re looking to launch a podcast as part of your marketing to increase your reach and prospect pool then avoid the “Podcast Myths” and unrealistic expectations.

Podcasting has certainly exploded in both popularity and public recognition as a modern medium and social media.

Nobody knew what a “podcast” was a decade ago and – if they did – gave them little respect; similar to ebooks initially being snubbed by traditional publishers and authors. Now, it’s the cool thing to do.

While you can increase your credibility, celebrity and cash flow via podcasting, many entrepreneurs get demotivated.

They fail to see rapid growth in their listenership (downloads), discover iTunes doesn’t collect or share audience data or emails with you, and people expect to “listen for free” – forever!

You must ‘sell’ your show to win new ears just like you have to sell a free download via an opt-in page. And there’s more…

When marketing a podcast, you need to know what reasonable expectations you can expect AND have a predefined business model to generate revenue.

Thinking you’ll have thousands of downloads because Apple has millions of iTunes users is like presuming your email list will explode simply because you put up a new blog “on the internet” yesterday.

Here’s a few PODCAST MYTHS to help you avoid disappointment and gain a clearer perspective before you even start or to adjust your strategy if you’re already under way:


It’s a “broadcast” that reaches millions because that’s how many members iTunes has.


It’s a posted, mp3 audio file that YOU should direct traffic to from your blog, biz cards, publicity, ads, social media and all your marketing channels.

You must market & promote your podcast to attract listeners continuously.


You’ll make a “living” from sponsorship. Maybe. One day.

You either need a million show downloads or a highly-targeted, laser-focused, high-value, specific niche that requires what you offer with content that changes rapidly and regularly, e.g. investors and stock market.

Having and growing your own email list of subscribers that you sell to directly is usually much more profitable.

Sponsors do help cover production costs, provide prizes and bring brand recognition that your prospects already know and trust (if they are known i.e. Nike, Gatorade, Bank of America, etc.)


You have to do “a lot of them” or have a regular schedule with weekly or even daily shows.

A podcast is a static event. Once you record it, you have it forever as content (so do a good job and delete your less spectacular show, guests or interviews).

Think about doing a series of 8 to 12 podcasts just like marketers use “3-step Video Launches” to present a soft sale process – perhaps driving listeners to an evergreen webinar, for example, or an irresistible coaching offer.


Your “Podcast is a Product.” This is perhaps the one that KILLS most entrepreneurial dreams. Do not fall for this.

You need to work on a back end that makes the real money.

It can be a high-end coaching package, a continuity model like a membership or newsletter subscription, or even an affiliate program (Focus on only having guests on that you’ve identified as strong sellers with well-priced products/services that pay good commission, right?)


You have no back end. If you don’t have a product developed yet or any back-end plans, there is hope.

Use your podcast as an easy way to write a book or the basis of workshop by transcribing your interviews of experts.

You can eventually compile a “Best of…” audio offer or launch a 4-part training using your own brand and perspective on your niche or topic.

Good news is that anyone, including you, can produce a podcast right now. Bad news is that anyone else can start a podcast today too. But you can win this game if you respect and recognize that podcasting is not simply jabbering into a microphone.

Develop a business model with a lucrative, back-end offer to generate revenue, even if you never sell advertising or invite sponsorship. Attract listeners with original, creative and quality content. Keep them coming back for more. Grab ‘em fast and keep ‘em long!

THEN, direct them to your Opt-in pages and offers, as you would for any online sales funnel to convert them to fee-based services.

Just sayin… 😉

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