5 steps to getting more coaching clients

Do you have a passion for helping people? Do people tell you that you are so good at coming up with strategy to solve problems? Maybe you’re a great listener. All of these things are great qualities for becoming a coach.

However, there is something that many who decide to go down the path of coaching run into and that’s the fact that they do not have enough clients.

The idea of having a calendar full of coaching clients is the dream, but what does it take to build that dream? Below is a great short video that lays out the 5 things you need to have control over in order to flood your coaching business with new clients.

Here’s a short summary of the 5 steps in order:

  1. Get Attention
  2. Turn Attention Into Leads
  3. Turn Leads Into A Relationship
  4. Show That You Understand Their Situation And How You Can Help
  5. Make The Sale

The video breaks it down in more detail but chances are if you have no clients one of the above-mentioned levers is an issue. If we are honest there is a good chance it might be 2-3 or even all 5 that is the problem. Start with the step you are struggling with most and work your way all the way through step 5.

Comment below and let us know which step are you currently needing to improve or any ideas you have for how one can optimize any of the steps.

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