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4X Sales With Facebook Messenger Bots and Joe Soto


4X Sales With Facebook Messenger Bots And Joe Soto

4X Sales With Facebook Messenger Bots And Joe Soto

Facebook marketing expert Joe Soto is back again and this time going over the hot topic Facebook Messenger Bots!

In this post, he shows us how to use Facebook messenger bots. How he was able to get almost 2K new emails in a few days, thousands of likes on his page, but also 4x their e-commerce sales in the process!

Let’s dig in!

First, why Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Here are a few benefits:

  • With Facebook Messenger, you get 100% inbox delivery rate, with about 70%-80% inbox open rate (based on what other users have determined).
  • Users get notifications across all their devices, so they can never miss your ad.
  • You can have one-on-one engagement with people. You can create a dialogue with prospects, support your customers, answer questions, direct them to the right place, etc.

Facebook Messenger is a great support and engagement tool.

Let’s get down to the two bots Joe uses and you can too for your business:


In this example, we have a Facebook post for a giveaway. We wanted to reach a lot of people and reach new people with this ad.

4X Sales With Facebook Messenger Bots and Joe Soto

You can see there are over 2,000 comments from this one ad. The question is:

What if you had a way every time someone commented on through your Facebook posts they received a personalized message after they commented? How would you use that?

In our case, we wanted to personally thank everyone who commented and also send another offer to them.

To do this manually will take time. Luckily there’s CrediResponse.

Every time somebody commented they get a personalized message from us with another offer (30% discount).

Inside the bot:

4X Sales With Facebook Messenger Bots and Joe Soto

You will see 1,420 responses were sent along with the message.

You can personalize the message and delay the response, so it doesn’t seem like an auto response. I tested the delay and it didn’t make a lot of difference (at this time, but as it gets popular, you may have to add a delay), as long as the message is personalized.

When we compared this campaign with the bot and one without (with similar parameters), we realized we made 4 times more in sales in less time.

In the ad itself too, we had Bitly links and it was linked to our landing page to collect email addresses.

We had 1,926 visitors and 1,760 emails collected.

4X Sales With Facebook Messenger Bots and Joe Soto

Does it work for other businesses?

We tried the same strategy to a restaurant business.

We did a giveaway content for a free burger a year. It got 140 comments, created engagement and it helped drive sales.

So, yes it does!

Another bot that does the same is Message Hero.

There will be lots of other bots that can do this and more, you just have to test, evaluate and determine which one works best for you.


The previous bots (CrediResponse and Msghero) are response bots.

ManyChat offers different options:

  • You can get both a subscriber to your email list and to an automated message to their messenger, from a comment. So, if they commented on your ad, the bot will extract their email and also send a personalized message to their messenger.
  • You can also do broadcast messages. Let’s say you have people in your messenger you were talking to, this bot will let you send messages to those persons. So you don’t have to pay Facebook to create an ad to send them to the messenger. It’s like creating an email and sending it your email list, but you are broadcasting your message to your messenger list.
  • Another option too is you can set up message sequences, when users become part of your messenger list. This here you can drive more traffic to offers or just build engagement.

ManyChats is one of the bots Freedym is using right now to build engagement on Facebook Messenger. There are a few hiccups with it, but the customer support has been great.

The Facebook Messenger Marketing is changing fast, there will be new bots and tools coming out everyday, and this gives you an opportunity to leverage that technology to create more engagement and make more sales. But, you have to use it strategically.



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