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2,200 subscribers each paying $97 per month

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2,200 Subscribers Each Paying $97 Per Month

2,200 Subscribers Each Paying $97 Per Month

In this post, we will dig deep into the paid newsletter model. We will give you the inside look at how Ryan Lee created a paid newsletter with over 2,200 subscribers at $97 per month.


Let’s dig in!


Ryan’s Strategy

Write a fitness book, get subscribers by promoting it AND offer a paid, print newsletter on the backend (for persons who bought the book).

The book was Millionaire Workout and the newsletter, Millionaire Workout Insider.

How did he do it? By following the 4P Formula.


What Is The 4P Formula?

It is a simple four step process that you can use to launch a profitable newsletter subscription business. The four P’s stands for:

1) Position

2) Publish

3) Print

4) Promote



Know your market. Listen to your market. Own your market. That is what Ryan did. Initially, he was known as the guy that bridges fitness and business, but as he grew, people started knowing him more for recurring revenue.

So he changed his newsletter from Millionaire Workout insider to Recurring Revenue Report.



This involves creating and writing your newsletter. You can choose from three models. These are:

Model 1

Doing it by columns. The typical layout will be:

Page 1 – What they are going to get

Page 2  – Reminding them of the benefits of the newsletter

Page 3 –  Start the content.

Your content can be interviewing an expert and inserting the summary, main points, or tactics in the newsletter.

You can also include an “of the month” section and an Inbox section.

The last page, you include what your next issue will be about.

Model 2

For each issue, you focus on one main topic and go deep with it. Check out Ryan Lee’s Uncluttered Millionaire. This was priced at $80-$150 per month.

Model 3

Curation or digest format.

For example, a digest in the financial space would be one newsletter that reviews all newsletters and extracts the main points. You can do the same with books, podcasts, blog posts, etc, in any market.

Depending on the market, each of these can work. You can also merge all three models.



You need to decide if you are going to do print or digital newsletter.

For print, you need a shopping cart. Ryan recommends 1Shoppingcart, Samcart, Infusionsoft and even Paypal.

Also, when you get to 200-300 members per month, hire a fulfillment company to take care of stamps, labels, packaging and shipping. This is just to keep your sanity.  You can use these companies (Just tell them Ryan “Mr. Handsome” Lee sent you 🙂 ):

    • (small mom & pop shop)


  • (bigger company).


What are the steps for that?

    1. Write your newsletter and send it to your graphic designer for layout ($50-$200).


    1. Create pdf files.


    1. Email fulfillment house the pdf files for printing, labeling and enveloping.


    1. Export active subscriber list from your cart.


  1. Email the list to the fulfillment house for shipping.

For digital newsletters you can deliver on a thank you page, through email or even follow the 1-Page Membership Site training that Ryan did.



This is the KEY:

“It’s not about promoting your newsletter, no one wakes up and says I want to join a $97 a month newsletter. It’s about running niche specific promotions, promoting something else and attach the newsletter to it.”

For Ryan, he did the Continuity Summit. Promoted it like crazy, recorded the event, created a sales page and offer all the recordings for a price of just $1.

In that sales page, he offered the Recurring Revenue Report. That was the promotion that brought in thousands of subscribers.

For growth, Ryan had this mindset… treat every day as a mini launch. The emails were framed so that he is was casually promoting benefits from the newsletter while also building a relationship with his subscribers. It may not bring in hundreds per day, but the few adds up.


This was a simple newsletter recurring revenue model you can use for your business.

For the newsletter to be successful, with large subscribers, you need to attach your high-end, premium product to it. Before that, you have to own your market and position yourself for success.

Then choose a newsletter model that suits you and what your audience wants, use a payment processor and distribute your newsletter to your subscribers. Whether printed through a fulfillment house or digital, through an email provider.

That’s it! No need to get complicated.

Get out there and get cracking.

You got this!

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