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A 14-Year Old Lifestyle Entrepreneur Gets Offered $30 Million for Solving a Simple Problem

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A 14-Year Old Gets Offered $30 Million For Solving A Simple Problem

A 14-Year Old Gets Offered $30 Million For Solving A Simple Problem

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, one major perk to your business model is the business is built around your life. While your business is always bigger than you, sometimes your idea can make an impact on an enormous scale. And you have to see where that path takes you.

All great business are built around one thing…solving a problem. That’s just what Taylor Rosenthal did with RecMed. As a veteran youth baseball player, Taylor always noticed one thing. At the games, whenever a kid got scratched or cut, the parents always went searching for a band-aid. The problem was, they could never find one.

To satisfy his eighth-grade project for his Young Entrepreneurs Academy class, he decided to explore his idea, dispensing medical supplies at games. After crunching the numbers, he discovered that paying someone minimum wage to sell supplies at games would be too expensive. So he pivoted…and the vending machine idea was born.

RecMed creates vending machines that dispenses medical supplies at parks and stadiums. Although still in development, the company has an order from Six Flags for 100 machines at $5,500 a pop. Rosenthal plans to be launched by fall.

The Alabama native is definitely on to something. He’s already been offered a $30 million buyout for RecMed. After careful consideration, he refused.

These days, Taylor enjoys a membership at Roundhouse, an Alabama-based business incubator. There he gets access to mentors and a $50,000 investment for a 20% stake in his business.

Taylor definitely wants to pursue business in the future. His college plans include Notre Dame. Watch this video on to learn more about his story.

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