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12-Year-Old Alex Knoll Develops Life Changing App

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12-Year-Old Alex Knoll Develops Life Changing App

12-Year-Old Alex Knoll Develops Life Changing App

Meet 12-year-old inventor Alexander Knoll, creator of the Ability App.

Based on his page:

I love helping people and I’m excited to tell you about the app I am developing called Ability App that will help people with disabilities.

The goal of Ability App is to improve the lives of all people with disabilities by giving them the resources to make informed decisions. Ability App will help people with disabilities and their caregivers navigate public spaces and find services and employment opportunities.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Knoll discusses his App, “When disabled people leave the comfort and safety and security of their own home, they don’t know what obstacles they’re gonna face…while some businesses may be rated accessible, it doesn’t necessarily mean all needs will be met.”


It all started when he saw a man in a wheelchair struggling to open a manual door.

“So I wondered if there was an app that could’ve told him what other stores around the area had automatic doors,” Knoll says.

After doing some research, he couldn’t find anything like the service app he believed would benefit those with disabilities. So, like a true entrepreneur, he created it.

Of course, Knoll needs to further develop and fund the app — but DeGeneres believes in his project. So she surprised him with a chance to work with her production team and the necessary funds: a check for $25,000, the exact amount his GoFundMe page has been trying to raise since 2015.

Knoll is overwhelmed with emotion. So are we! We need more social entrepreneurs like him.

Check out the interview below:




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